November 12, 2019

The Crew© 2 Blazing Shots: free for all players on November 13

Our next free update - The Crew© 2 Blazing Shots - will be available to all The Crew© 2 players on November 13. Read on for all the details on what to expect, or click here for the full 1.5.0 Patch Notes.


The Crew© 2 Blazing Shots will include an initial content drop on November 13, followed by regular new events, vehicles, and vanity items spread out over the course of the coming months. Here’s what you can expect from November 13 to December 4:



It’s literally time to shine, Gearheads! The Crew© 2 Blazing Shots introduces a veritable staple of car customisation: Underglows.


This brand new vanity type will be available from the get-go on November 13, along with several new smokes and tires. We’ll also be rolling out further new vanity items on a weekly basis.


Our motor-fuelled line-up continues to grow, with new additions coming as soon as the update is live, and regular drops thereafter via both the Shop and the LIVE Summit.

To kick things off, the legendary Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse (HC) will be available for purchase straight off the starting line on November 13:


The Elite Bundle 3 also enters the fray with The Crew© 2 Blazing Shots, featuring three exclusive vehicles for one month:

• Porsche Carrera GT (HC)

• Citroën GT (HC)

• Ferrari 599XX EVO (TC)


Following the release of the update, the sleek Mazda RX-8 (SR) will be one of the first vehicles introduced to the Shop as part of our regular new vehicle additions:



From November, The Crew© 2 will also frequently feature themed weeks, with dedicated LIVE Summits, rewards and events.

Our first such week – Ghost Road – begins on November 27, with the Ford F-150 RAPTOR RACE TRUCK Ghost Recon Edition (RR) up for grabs!




A brand new batch of LIVE Summits joins the fray! Be sure to check our latest This Week in TC2 article for the first instalment: The Mix Master


We will be introducing brand new events along with our new LIVE Summits. At the end of the competition, these unique challenges will join the pool of normal PvE events all across the USA.

We can’t wait to see how you tackle everything The Crew© 2 Blazing Shots has to offer! Be sure to check our website and official channels regularly for news on content drops and LIVE Summits.

See you on the road on November 13, Gearheads.

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