April 18, 2024

The Crew Motorfest is now available on Steam!

Inviting all drivers 

The Crew Motorfest is now available on Steam - with a 50% discount launch offer!

Immerse yourself in a vibrant open world and enjoy an ever-changing program of activities with 600+ vehicles and more being added each month.

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Best Reviews in the franchise

See what critics are saying about The Crew Motorfest and book your ticket to an all-year-round festival designed for all car enthusiasts. 

It's Showtime in Season 3

After the release of two exciting seasons - available for free to all players - we now celebrate talents who shaped what car culture is today in this new season of Motorfest!

Experience the thrill of the most legendary Hollywood car action scenes and immerse yourself in the role of a stunt driver. Take on the challenge of shaping the latest Hollywood blockbuster behind the wheel of cars you may have seen in some of your favorite movies.

Then, take a seat with automobile car content creators and learn from some of the best professional drivers!

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Get more cars now with the Year 1 Pass

Unlock 25 vehicles throughout the year with the Year 1 Pass.

Need time to decide? No worries! All previously released vehicles in the pass will be added to your garage whenever you decide to buy.

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Bring your cars from The Crew 2 with you! 

For all The Crew 2 owners wanting to join the Motorfest adventure, we've got you covered with the Collection Import feature!

Almost all the vehicles you have earned or purchased in The Crew 2 can be imported into The Crew Motorfest for free! So, you can both keep your current favorites, and discover new ones.

More info here: https://ubi.li/rHcEZ


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