June 27, 2024

The Crew Motorfest Season 4 Quality of Life Improvements – June 27th

Hello Festival-goers!

We have some exciting new updates and enhancements heading for O'ahu to enhance your experience on the Island.

We are rolling out several updates to enhance your time tearing up the tracks of Motorfest. From clearer notifications to improved customization options, here is a rundown of the latest improvements that will make your time at Motorfest even more enjoyable.

Custom Show Improvements

[TCM] Quality of Life Article Season 4 - Custom Show 1

[TCM] Quality of Life Article Season 4 - Custom Show 2

  • Buying a car from the Custom Show: Like a car you see in the Custom Show? Simply interact with the car you like, and you can purchase it using either Bucks or Crew Credits, depending on the car.

  • Enhanced Reward Flow: Besides the usual rewards, you will also be able to view the winning car, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition so keep an eye out for it!

  • Dynamic Spawn Locations: Say goodbye to uniform spawn points. Characters will now spawn at different locations, bringing more life to the Custom Show!

  • Custom Show Calendar: There is now a Custom Show Calendar that displays the upcoming rewards and constraints.

Main Stage Improvements

[TCM] Quality of Life Article Season 4 - MAIN STAGE WEEKLY CHALLENGES

  • Themed Weekly Challenges: We're adding weekly challenges based on the current theme, offering exciting new challenges each week. Rewards are collected automatically, so you can focus on having fun without worrying about manually claiming your rewards.

  • Leaderboards: The Main Stage Legacy now features leaderboards, letting you see how you stack up against the competition.

Grand Race Improvements

[TCM] Quality of Life Article Season 4 - GRAND RACE 1

[TCM] Quality of Life Article Season 4 - GRAND RACE 2

  • Grand Race Category Display: You can now see the vehicle categories directly from the activity menu, eliminating any surprises and making it easier to plan your races.

  • Improved Reward Flow: Reward notifications have been tweaked to be more understandable, so you will always know what you've earned.

Difficulty Changes

[TCM] Quality of Life Article Season 4 - DIFFICULTY DISPLAYED 1

[TCM] Quality of Life Article Season 4 - DIFFICULTY DISPLAYED 2

  • Difficulty Display: Difficulty levels are now displayed across all menus, allowing you to gauge the challenge before diving into any activity.

  • Summit difficulty: You can now change the difficulty in the middle of an event. To be fair, if you change it, you'll start the event over.

Customization Upgrades

  • Dashboard Dolls: You can now add Dashboard Dolls to personalize your car's interior.

  • Rooftop Vanities: Some of the rooftop vanity physics have been tweaked to make sure they behave the way we intended!

Improved Car Snapshot Load Time

  • Vehicle collection load times: We have improved the loading times for the thumbnails of the cars in your collection! Now you can view them even faster and find the right car even faster!

Our hope is that these updates streamline your experience at Motorfest, making your time on O'ahu more enjoyable and user-friendly.

That's it for Season 4! We can't wait for you to jump back in and try out all the new updates. We would love to hear your feedback and we will continue to make The Crew Motorfest a great experience for everyone.

See you on the tracks Festival-goers!

/The Crew Motorfest team

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