June 25, 2024

This Week in The Crew - June 25

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Luxury takes the spotlight at Motorfest this week with special guest Shmee150. Platinum players have the chance to claim the exclusive Zenvo TSR Shmee150 Edition, adding a touch of opulence to their virtual car collection.

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Our next guest of honor is ready to hit the stage, it’s time for Shmee150! Bringing with him the essence of Hypercars and luxury. With a lot of skill, and a little bit of luck, you could be rolling away with the Zenvo TSR Shmee150 Edition.

Summit Events & Constraints

Dream Dual Egoista VS Terzo MillenioZenvo TSR Shmee150 Edition
Legendary X RivalryFerrari Hypercar
Dream Duel: Veyron VS NoireFerrari SF90
Mo X PowaHypercar
Dream Duel: Trezor VS Citroen GTUSA Hypercar
Stayin AheadFord GT Hypercar
Burning Feats – Haimu Black BeachEscape
911 Feats - EWAEscape
Al Feats - KahaluluEscape

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Shmee150 has decided that this week’s Custom Show should be all about European Hypercars! So come and roll on down in your favorite McLaren, Koenigsegg, or Bugatti and do away with the competition.


  • European Hypercars

Finally, here are the bundles of the week!


Schmee150 Experience Bundle

  • Ferarri SF90 Stradale (2020) - Hypercar
  • Ford GT (2017) - Hypercar


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  • KTM X-Bow GTX (2020) - Hypercar
  • Neon Orange Tire
  • Tangerine Speed Vortex Smoke
  • Orange Underglow


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TCM photo by Gingurningur (Discord)

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TCM photo by BlaCK (Discord)

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