July 3, 2024

The Crew Motorfest Season 4 - Patch Notes

Season 4 of The Crew Motorfest just released and with it comes a variety of new patch notes! Our latest patch introduces some quality-of-life updates to the game - like more customization options, improvements to Summit and the Custom Show!

We've put together this non-exhaustive list of the changes to come in these patch notes. You can also check out our Season 4 Quality of Life Article to learn more about our decisions.
For a more detailed breakdown of the content released in Season 4 please refer to the Content Overview.

Please follow our official channels for any additional updates.


Patch Size per platform

  • PC: 35.41 GB     

  • PlayStation 4: 6.658 GB

  • PlayStation 5: 6.466 GB

  • Xbox One: 8.126 GB

  • Xbox Series: 10.315 GB

Patch sizes may vary based on your game version.


  • [New] Playlist: Donk vs Lowrider: Get ready for an epic dive into two iconic car styles!

  • [New] Playlist: Off Roading Addict Vol.2: available on August 14th

  • [New] Difficulty Setting Reminder: We've added a reminder to the Playlist content menu and Summit menu.

  • [Fix] Joy & Excitement: AI does not get stuck anymore!

  • [Fix] Hanauma Waters Event: AI drivers are now better behaved.

  • [Fix] Motorsport Prologue: Fixed instances where some AI cars would go off track after using the rewind feature at the start of the Motorsport Prologue.

  • [Fix] Navigation event exploitation: We've fixed the issue where navigation events could be exploited by creating them in checkpoints. Since this is a completely new behavior, we'll reset the leaderboard for such an event during the July 3 maintenance.

  • [Fix] Raptor X Delicacy Event: Corrected the time format for best lap times in this event.

  • [Fix] Scene 7: The Love Story: The rewards are back to their original values.

  • [Fix] Tallahassee Melee Event: Rally Cars can now be selected in Custom Mode.


  • [New] Dynamic Suspension: Experience this new feature for Low Riders during Free Roam by activating it with the following controls:

    • Xbox: Press B to engage the Dynamic Suspension System.
    • PlayStation: Press circle to activate the Dynamic Suspension System.

Press the same button again to toggle between three modes:

  • Regular: Standard suspension behavior.

  • All Directions: Allows dynamic movement in all directions.

  • Lock: Locks the suspension in place.

  • [Fix] Mouse controls now work when using the filter options in the shop.

  • [Fix] Fixed a crash with the latest version of the Logitech GHUB.

  • [Fix] It is now possible to set new key bindings from the Wheel and Accessories menu.

  • [Fix][PS4] Hori Racing Wheel Apex now works as intended.


  • [Changed] Completed Side Activity Status: The status for completed side activities now appears in green on the progress meter of any playlist

  • [Changed] Vehicle Collection Thumbnails: We've optimized loading times for vehicle thumbnails in the Vehicle Collection. Now you can browse your cars more efficiently.

  • [Changed] Horizontal Vehicle Sorting: Vehicles are now sorted horizontally based on their level.

  • [Fix] The main stage title reward text no longer overlaps the image in large text settings.

  • [Fix] Crew members' weather icons in cinematics will now display correctly after adjusting the weather settings in any event. Stay informed!

  • [Fix] Fixed the missing yellow dot icon that indicates a new upgrade is available for a vehicle. Keep your rides up to date!

  • [Fix] Added an "Engine Type" sorting option for filtering vehicles. Customize your collection your way.

  • [Fix] Summit points text no longer overflows.


  • [New] Dashboard Figures & Glass Hangers: Earn these new vanities as rewards throughout the game. Customize your dashboard and add some flair to your ride!

  • [New] Adjustable Rim Size: You can now update rim size on several vehicles that had this option available in The Crew 2.

  • [Changed] Livery Material Modification: You can now edit the "modify material" tab for liveries using the D-pad.

  • [Fix] We've fine-tuned the movement of several rooftop vanities.

  • [Fix] When zooming in on classic vehicles in the customization menu, liveries will no longer get distorted. Enjoy a clear view of your artwork.

  • [Fix] Fixed occurrences where liveries could be applied without player validation. Now your custom designs will be properly authorized.

  • [Fix] All Monster Truck vehicles now handle better while driving in reverse.

  • [Fix] Resolved graphical corruptions occurring on different vehicle parts and models.

  • [Fix] Mileage info will no longer reset to 0 on affected cars.

  • [Fix] Livery display issues on several vehicles.

  • [Fix] Elegant Gold Tire Vanity behaves correctly even at speeds over 10 km/h.

  • [Fix] Liveries that couldn't be applied on certain vehicles can now be applied as intended.

  • [Fix] Certain horn previews no longer overlap with previous horn sounds.

  • [Fix] We've added the missing iridescent paint option to several vehicles in the customization menu.

  • [Fix] Camera issues and placement on planes have been addressed.

  • [Fix] Fixed interior and dashboard issues on several vehicles.

  • [Fix] Retro Alarm Horn vanity now plays a proper preview sound.

  • [Fix] Vehicle color display is now accurate when purchasing a bundle of vehicles.

  • [Fix] Bugatti Centodieci: Top side liveries no longer impact side skirt #2.

  • [Fix] Creators YasidDESIGN X American Petrol: Rooftop vanities no longer clip into the vehicle.

  • [Fix] Ford F-150 SVT Raptor: Supercharger hood visuals no longer clip incorrectly.

  • [Fix] Gordon Murray Automotive T.50: Rim colors have been corrected.

  • [Fix] Koenigsegg Agera R: Left side liveries no longer apply to the right front side of the bumper.

  • [Fix] KTM X-Bow GTX: Front bumpers no longer suffer from texture clipping.

  • [Fix] Maserati Ghibli: Now has the right name.

  • [Fix] Mutsibishi 3000GT VR4 Interception Unit: Rooftop vanities are now correctly placed.

  • [Fix] Porsche 718 SPYDER FITTED Edition: Now has the right name.

  • [Fix] Shelby Cobra 427: Side windows of rear fender #5 no longer clip into side mirrors.

  • [Fix] Volkswagen Eletric R: Underglow projection is now properly aligned.


  • [New] Weekly Challenges: Get ready for exciting weekly challenges on the Main Stage. Test your skills and reap the rewards!

  • [New] Summit Event Difficulty: Adjust AI difficulty directly from the pause menu during a Summit Event. Fine-tune your challenge level on the fly.

  • [Changed] Gameplay modifiers are now factored into Summit points calculations, and the reward flow reflects this change.

  • [Fix] We've fixed issues with the display of rewards on the Main Stage display board in the Car Meet.

  • [Fix] The Mainstage Pitstop Pressure reward will now display correctly in the Car Meet area.

  • [Fix] Previously registered cars will no longer remain in the registration spot during a new Custom Show Rotation.


  • [New] Leaderboards Addition: Get ready for some more competition! We've added leaderboards for the Main Stage legacy events. See how you stack up against other players.

  • [Fix] Crew members' rankings now update correctly during LAP events in the American Main Stage.

  • [Fix] Events that require a specific vehicle won't fail to validate if only the crew leader possesses that vehicle.

  • [Fix] AFK crew members won't mistakenly appear in the 1st rank during Main Stage events.

  • [Fix] We've fixed instances where events from the Main Stage had incorrect descriptions.

  • [Fix] Podium and reward movie cinematics are no longer too dark after event completion.

  • [Fix] Wrong cars won't haunt your event selection screen anymore. The correct vehicles will be displayed.

  • [Fix] When aborting a Main Stage legacy event in a crew, the leaderboards text now displays correctly.

  • [Fix] Fixed occurrences where wrong objectives were shown for events.

  • [Fix] The racing line won't disappear prematurely at 90% during the SWIFT event in the Performance Showcase month.


  • [New] Vehicle Category Previews Before entering a Grand Race, you can now preview the available vehicle categories from the dedicated Activity Menu tile.

  • [Fix] When the mini map is turned OFF in 'Game Settings,' it will now properly deactivate during Grand Race gameplay.

  • [Fix] We've fixed the respawn position on several sections after using Back on Track in Grand Race.

  • [Fix] Off-road sections where the V-Cat was set to Racing have been corrected.


  • [Changed] We've increased slipstream intensity in Demolition Royale, making catchups easier.

  • [Fix] Destroying opponents now grants the correct amount of max life in Demolition Royale.

  • [Fix] Other players' planes won't appear transparent anymore.


  • [New] Purchase Other Players' Vehicles: Buy other players' Custom Show registered vehicles directly from the Car Meet.

  • [New] Improved Reward Flow: The Custom Show reward flow has been fine-tuned. Get your rewards smoothly!

  • [New] Vehicle Snapshot Display: During the Custom Show reward flow, a snapshot of your vehicle is now shown.

  • [New] Custom Show Menu Interface: Accessible from the Activity menu, the Custom Show interface now displays a calendar and leaderboards.

  • [Changed] We've changed the avatar spawn location in the Car Meet.

  • [Changed] You can now use a personal livery from the "shared" category to register a vehicle for the Custom Show.

  • [Fix] Previously registered vehicles won't linger when the Custom Show has ended.

  • [Fix] Reduced camera movement when entering the Custom Show for the first time from the activity menu.


  • [New] Added the following songs:
ArtistSong Name
Steve OuimetteCandy
Joey Valence & BraeHOOLIGANG
Busta RhymesBreak Ya Neck
Iso IndiesBack in My Bag
Xavy RusanGa$ Money
Katori WalkerGrand Theft
Nbhd NickMe vs. Me
Katori WalkerRNA
Iso IndiesSymphonies
Xavy RusanThe Most
They Hate ChangeX-Ray Spex
Ava LowTerrorize
Pusha TLet The Smokers Shine The Coupes
YGGimmie Got Shot
DJ QuikGet at Me
Dylan SittsAbsolutely Gutted
Dirty Two ClubGet Loud or Get Up
  • [Fix] The background music from the first MIJ sequence of the prologue no longer overlaps with Malu's speech if you force quit the game during the prologue and relaunch it.


  • [Fix] The neck texture issue on the Hollywood Action! jacket has been resolved.

  • [Fix] Avatars' shoulders will no longer clip through seat belts in several vehicles. Safety and style intact!

  • [Fix] Fixed occurrences where player avatars would mysteriously vanish after a vehicle crash. You'll stay visible now!

  • [Fix] Hair thumbnail colors now match the avatar hair preview color in the customization menu. Keep your look coordinated!


  • [Change] We've made general improvements to enhance stability and performance across the game.

  • [Fix] Fixed occurrences of infinite loading when launching an event in a crew of 4.

  • [Fix][PS4] The game will no longer get stuck after using rewind multiple times during Motorsport events on PS4.


  • [Fix] Affix Part Limitation: You can no longer use multiple of the same affix parts on a single part. During maintenance on July 10th, we will be removing all performance parts that have a double affix. If you want to keep your Legendary parts, make sure to remove the double affix before July 10th to avoid losing them!

  • [Fix] Parts can no longer be scrapped twice.

  • [Fix] The Rocket perk is now available for all vehicle types except Planes.


  • [Fix] Text no longer goes off the screen.

  • [Fix] Pinned activities no longer overlap Freedrive activity timers in large text settings.

  • [Fix] The word "Display" is now correctly translated for all languages in the video settings.


  • [Fix] Fixed "A.L.Caretaker" challenge conditions for Automobili Lamborghini.

  • [Fix] Clean Driving challenges in the "Porsche 911" playlist now correctly complete after achieving a Perfect Clean Driving Score.


  • [Fix] Resolved several texture issues in the game world.


  • [Fix] You can now retrieve the original Caliper Color.

  • [Fix] Improved readability of the new performance indicator when switching performance parts to another vehicle.

  • [Fix] Deleting one custom shape no longer affects the first custom shape.


  • [New] Added its share of new content for this season! Summit, Main Stage, Vanities... You name it!

  • [Fix] Intel Arc GPU is now supported.

  • [Fix] The "Livery Limit Reached" error after moderation has been resolved.

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