September 14, 2023


The Crew Motorfest will bring a brand-new progression system, we know that some of you have questions about it but don't worry, in this article we're going to take a closer look at the system and how it works. Let's dive into the Main Stage, the main progression path.


At Motorfest, the program is evolving through each season to offer you an evergreen car culture experience.

The Main Stage is composed of 4 different progression tracks, each of them with its own progression and rewards:

  • Revisit

  • Compete

  • Explore

  • Legend

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The "Revisit" progression track is linked to the core experience of The Crew Motorfest, which are the Playlists. Play, replay, achieve Playlist Challenges or just complete a new Playlist to earn XP and rewards. You can also "Revisit" Playlist events with the mood of the current week and earn XP bonuses.

Did you know that you can also customize all Playlist Events? As an example, experience the unique rules available in the Motorsports Playlist with tire and pit stop strategy management BUT with a Monster car, everything is possible with Custom Events. Cherry on the cake, this will also help you complete your "Revisit" progression track.


The "Compete" progression track will confront you with other players in one of our 4 PVP game modes.

  • The first one, inherited from The Crew 2, is the Summit Contest, an asynchronous cross platform competition renewed every week. During the Summit Contest, you'll have to prove your skills in 9 different activities but with unique rules based on the week's theme. Top-ranked players will win unique rewards such as vanities, performance parts and unique vehicles.

  • The Custom Show is another weekly competition. The objective is to register your fully customized car to the vote of the other players according to the week's theme to earn reward and XPs.

  • The Grand Race is a massive 28 players free for all race where the only objective is to cross the finish line first. Each Grand Race is composed of 3 segments with their own vehicle category.

  • And our last PVP mode is the "Demolition Royale", a new take to the Battle Royale genre where 8 crews of 4 players drop on a part of the O'ahu Island and will have to loot bonuses to get ready to fight, coordinate with their crewmates to crash other players, survive and be the last crew standing.


The "Explore" progression track will let you explore the island's secrets and get rewarded for it. Accomplish dynamic freestyle challenges in free roam like drifting, nearly missed items and more, to earn XPs, bucks and progress in the track. Fulfill open-world feats such as Speedtrap, Escape or Slalom. Doing Photo Quest or find Treasure Hunt will also reward you!


Each of these tracks are composed of 4 ranks, each one with unique rewards such as Bucks, Vanity, Vehicles or Title and are renewed each month. Complete one track and you will unlock the "Legend" track. Once unlocked, all XP earned on the 3 main progression tracks "Revisit", "Compete", "Explore", will fill the "Legend" track, if you have complete those tracks. The "Legend" track is composed of 3 major ranks to unlock, each with specific rewards also refreshed each month. Once you have unlocked all 3 ranks, you can continue to progress for additional rewards.

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In the car meet, you can see the Motorfest "Walk of Fame". The top-ranking player in the "Legends" progression track will see, at the end of each month, his name engraved in the history of The Crew Motorfest.


At the end of each month, the main stage progression will be reset to welcome the new fantasy of the next month. All progression on the 3 main tracks will go back to zero and the "Legend" track will be locked again until you reach the 4th rank on one of the main tracks.

But, at each Main Stage progression reset, each rank unlocked during the month on the 4 progression tracks will be converted into "Motorfest Levels" and grant you one "Legend Point" each. You will be able to spend your "Legend Point" in the dedicated game menu to unlock and improve permanently specific stats and perks.

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We hope that with this article you now have a clear vision of what is the progression in The Crew Motorfest. Prepare your best vehicle and be ready to leave your mark on the festival!


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