March 13, 2024

The Crew Motorfest Season 3 – Patch Notes

Season 3 of The Crew Motorfest is out and with it comes a variety of new patch notes! Our latest patch introduces some highly requested quality-of-life updates to the game - like the option to multi-scrap of perf parts, or more steering filter controls.

We've put together this non-exhaustive list of the changes to come in this patch note. You can also check out our Season 3 Quality of Life Article to learn more about our decisions.
For a more detailed breakdown of the content released in Season 3 please refer to the Content Overview.

Please follow our official channels for any additional updates.


Patch Size per platform

  • PC: 38.769 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 6.104 GB
  • PlayStation 5: 6.623 GB
  • Xbox One: 9.939 GB
  • Xbox Series: 13.297 GB

Patch sizes may vary based on your game version.


  • Added Multi-scrapping to allow the scrapping of several perf parts at once.
  • Added new sorting options & vertical navigation in the Vehicle Collection menu.
  • Steering behaviour can now be adjusted with new sliders in the Controls - Steering section. Alternatively, players can choose to use "Direct Mode" (aka Wheel Mode) regardless of controller type.
  • Added new Map filters (Main Stage) and improved existing ones' functionality.

(Full article on Quality of Life Updates here)


  • Improved consistency when forming a crew and inviting crew members to an activity
  • [PC] Fixed occurrences where taking a picture could cause a crash and GPU error.


  • Added new Legacy Mainstage to the activities tab where players can revisit previous months' Main Stage content and earn corresponding rewards. New Legacy Mainstage content will be added every 2nd week of the month.
  • Reworked the Feats reward system: to reduce the grindyness of the Feats system, we've limited the rewards to be earned once every 30 minutes, but we also added a significant boost to the rewards each time they are earned.
  • Improved several challenges completion conditions and balancing.
  • Added new tutorial tips


  • Removed rooftop vanity options for Proto Flashback to avoid display issues.
  • Vanities are not automatically equipped on your current vehicle anymore upon purchase.
  • Improved Chevrolet 3100 Big Block Edition camera settings.
  • Improved camera angle on the cockpit view of the Hoonigan Audi S1 Hoonitron - Drift.
  • Adjusted Ford Hoonicorn Mustang reverse speed so it's consistent with the rest of the line-up.
  • Adjusted Proto Flashback reverse speed so it's consistent with the rest of the line-up.
  • Fixed Corvette C8 widebody track width which were wrongly set.
  • Fixed Zonda F Primary Edition track width which were wrongly set.
  • Adjusted Lamborghini Reventon off-road behavior so it's consistent with the rest of the category.
  • Fixed: Nitro was wrongfully refilled to full after a crash cam.
  • Improved the rear suspension movement on Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392.
  • Fixed occurrences where Tier 2 Perf Parts could be equipped to Tier 1 Street Cars.
  • Fixed Ferrari SF90 Stradale and Porsche 918 Spyder Hypercars AWD info.
  • Nissan GT-R 2015 now displays accurate BHP.
  • Mirrors of VW Golf GTI do not clip with car door anymore.
  • Lamborghini Egoista left and right rim now have the same color.
  • Fixed occurrences where Window Tints could be equipped on vehicles without windshield.
  • Window tints applied on Ferrari SF90 do not appliy to front lights anymore.
  • Fixed the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR Drift edition nitro effect.
  • Fixed the Nissan R390 GT1 nitro effect.
  • Fixed the Porsche 356 speedometer needle visibility in dark areas.
  • Honda S2000 interface tachometer is now synced with the interior one.
  • Volkswagen Touareg NE 2011 now displays the correct weight.
  • Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupé Black Series wheels are no longer missing from the thumbnail preview.
  • Fixed a bug where previous The Crew 2 vehicles available for Collection Import were not imported correctly at The Crew Motorfest Season 2 launch.


  • Fixed occurrences where other players' names were not correctly displayed in Summit leaderboard.

  • Fixed occurrences where players could bypass a Summit Contest event vehicle constraint and use another one.

  • Summit Contest Rewards have been increased for Season 3:

    • Bucks received are increased
      • from 50k to 150k for Silver rank on Regular Summit Contests
      • from 100K to 200k for Silver rank on Premium Summit Contests
      • from 25k to 50k upon completing 6 Summit Events
    • Parts received are increased
      • from 1 random Legandary Part to 3 for Silver rank
      • from 1 random Legandary Part to 3 upon completing 6 Summit Events
      • from 2 random Legandary Part to 5 upon completing 9 Summit Events
    • XP received is increased from 50k to 100k for Bronze rank


  • Added 10 new Grand Race sections & 1 new Grand Race starting Hub.
  • Fixed many occurrences of missing racing lines & clipping assets in Grand Race events.
  • The player's currencies now appear during the Grand Race & Demolition Royale reward flow.


  • Fixed a bug where only the first Local Livery would apply when the player selects any Livery from the Local livery page
  • Fixed a bug where the player is unable to navigate past the first group of saved custom liveries in-game


  • The showcased vehicle in the car meet now redirects to the Main Stage Bundle when selected.
  • Livery does not get mistakenly applied on vehicle anymore while registering to the custom show.


  • Added 3D Audio support on PS5.
  • Other players Fast Fav sound can't be heard anymore when navigating in the menus.
  • Traffic vehicles horns  can now be heard as intended.
  • Added & improved audio feedback on several interface inputs.
  • Fixed the Motorfest Legend Hall of Fame cinematic missing voice over.
  • Several audio fixes related to radios and vehicles.
  • Added the following songs:
ArtistSong Name
Le Castle VaniaBlood Code
AirbourneToo Much, Too Young, Too Fast
Dusty SpringfieldSon Of A Preacher Man
Rascal GeniusLifecrash
DeskantShapeless Shadow
EludentTrapped in Confusion
South PauseDive Hard
Bonnie GraceThe Cave Race
ExperiaA Chosen Soldier
Fatboy SlimThe Rockafeller Skank
The New FoolsBelieve in You and Me
Martin LandströmUrban Disturbance


  • Bomber Jacket: Red Panther is now accessible to Season 02 Creators Pack owners.
  • Added new Season 3 themed outfits and an OWO haptic vest outfit.


  • Improved OWO Haptic Gaming System behavior and triggers.
  • Improved support of Hori devices.
  • Fixed continuous camera rotation when using Fanatec CSL DD Base.
  • Added Moza wheels support.
  • Added Bluetooth support for the DualSense controller on PC.
  • Added 4 colors to the DualSense controller's LED system on PS5 related to in-game time of day (Night/Sunrise/Day/Dawn).


  • Localization fixes for several languages.


  • Fixed many occurrences of floating and clipping models.
  • Video mode: fixed the time of day option that would remain only on night time.
  • Fixed occurrences where the camera would be off-centered after using rewind close to a tunnel.
  • Added a replay button for the introductory cinematic in the Main Stage menu.

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