February 27, 2024

DevBlog: Smuggler Pass & Store

Welcome back, Captains!

Following our Season 1 Update, it's time to dig into one of the more technical details of the game:

Let us start with the basics: monetisation in Skull and Bones is 100% cosmetics. Meaning all gameplay content and features in our game is unlockable for free through normal progression, while premium items are optional cosmetic content that do not impact gameplay.

You will have the option to unlock and purchase exclusive cosmetic items through our Smuggler Pass and our in-game store, should you choose to do so, in addition to the many cosmetic items you can unlock for free through our various in-game activities or with silver, our in-game currency.

Becoming the most infamous pirate to ever sail the Indian Ocean relies solely on your skills as a captain!

Smuggler Pass (Battle Pass)

Each new season will come with new opportunities to cut deals with a mysterious character named Teuling who has ties with the West. Pay visit to his local agent William Blackwood in St Anne or Telok Penjarah to discover weekly and seasonal challenges, and earn the various rewards smuggled to the East.

Through the Smuggler Pass, you will be able to acquire gameplay items and blueprints to further optimise and customise your ship's loadout, vanity items for your ship and your captain's outfit as well as pets, resources and Pieces of Eight.

The Premium pass adds extra cosmetics and premium currency - gold  (enough to purchase the next season's Premium pass if you complete the full Smuggler pass).

Teuling's challenges will be presented to you through three expert craftsmen, each offering a different path catering to a different playstyle:

  • The Quartermaster's path is the perfect track for any strategists out there. This track will reward you with a furniture blueprint so you can optimize your ship setup.
  • The Gunner master's path is for those Captains who want to be feared above anything else. This track will cater to all your offensive playstyle by offering a new and exotic weapon.
  • The Shipmaster's track is for those who wish to build more defensive and enduring hulls, and offers you a new set of armour.

[SnB] DevBlog - MTX - chart

You can choose to complete all three tracks, or focus on the one that fits your personal playstyle. In addition to all this, you can also look forward to milestone rewards which will reward your success with additional items such as a new nameplate for your ship, a ship blueprint, and an exotic pet.

Progressing through the Smuggler Pass can be done by earning Smuggler Points, which in turn are earned by infamy and the various gameplay activities you partake in, or by completing weekly challenges.

One last note, if you're worried about missing out on that weapon you were eyeing...well, fear not! Gameplay items from the previous season will become available through the Black Market in the next season, to be traded in for Pieces of Eight.

Smuggler PassPLUSPremium Pass
Blueprints, Weapons, Furniture & Armour Provisions & Repair kitsPieces of EightResourcesCosmetic itemsGoldPremium Cosmetics

Season 1

Each season will introduce new changes to the world of Skull and Bones, as well as new seasonal rewards to the Smuggler Pass.

With the incoming dread pirate lord Philippe La Peste in Season 1, cooperating with our mysterious figure from the West will allow you to unlock new gameplay items from the Smuggler Pass that will help you in your fight against La Peste and his minions.

Each season will come with more than 90 exclusive rewards, including 60 obtainable for free. Plenty of content for even the most seasoned seadog! 

In-Game Store

Skull and Bones will also have an in-game store allowing our players to obtain exclusive cosmetic items in exchange for silver, our soft currency that can be earned through in-game progression and activities, and gold, our premium currency that can be earned by completing the Premium pass challenges or bought with real money.

Among collections, bundles, and singular items available during the season, you'll be able to purchase new sails patterns, hull colours, crew skins, mast decorations, fireworks or even choose a new trusty pet.

While some of these items can be purchased using silver or gold, some will only be purchasable using our premium currency.

Each season will have its own theme, so if you want to mix & match depending on your mood or change your pirate style, the content of the store will help you work with an even wider palette.

And the best part in all this: all cosmetic items are modular, meaning they will not be limited by your ship size or type! So, you can be sure to flaunt how stylish you can be, starting with your ship.

[SnB] DevBlog - MTX - Mosaic

Here's a little sneak peak of some of the items you can expect to see in the game.

Legend says some Captains used their attire and ship to instil fear into their opponents, long before they came within cannon range.

With the help of our Sailing in style DevBlog and this one, you should now be able to put together a captain, ship, and crew that is instantly recognisable.

And don’t forget, as your fearsome reputation increases, new opportunities will flock to you. Seize that chance to get your hands on new blueprints, be it for better ships, for improved setups or to get access to new weapons.

We’re looking forward to seeing under which colours/theme you will sail, Captains!

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