September 12, 2022

DevBlog: Sailing in Style


In previous DevBlogs, we have gone over choosing your ship and loadouts with different weapons and armour to get ready for battle. But having a ship is not just about being practical. A personal touch can turn your ship into something that speaks to you and really bring it to life! In Skull and Bones, there are many options available for you to express yourself and your style through your ship. Let's look at what you can do to make your ship the most fashionable one!

Disclaimer: As Skull and Bones is still in development some of this information may be subject to change.

Personalise Your Ship and Crew

What kind of message do you want to send to your fellow pirates? What will your foes see before your ship sends them to the bottom of the ocean? Your ship reflects your power and prowess on your journey in becoming a fearsome pirate captain. When you first start out, you only have a dhow and the clothes on your back.  As your influence...or rather as your infamy grows, your options for personalising the look of your ship and crew will grow as well.

Make the Ship Yours

Just as you can improve your ship's weapons and armour, you can improve the look of your ship. Once the most pressing upgrades are taken care of, why not indulge and spend some of your hard-won loot to help your vessel feel more like home and an extension of your personality?

There are many things that can be customised on your ship. The sails will be one of the first things seen by friends and foes alike. You'll be able to change the colour, the pattern, and emblem on your sails. For the ship's hull, you can paint it in different colours. You can choose brights colours to stand out & be seen from a distance, or you can choose dark and more alarming options to show that you have nothing to hide and are to be feared!

Other parts of the ship can be tailored to your taste and means. You can choose the figurehead at the front of your ship, and while you're at it, let's decorate the crow's nest. Dress your ship's railing up with ornaments, pick your favourite wheel, and more. There's a spot at your ship's mast to display a trophy from your conquests, so you can instil fear into enemies and see how far you've come from your humble beginnings.

You can spend some of the riches you've obtained to change the clothes worn by the crew on your ship. Flaunt the wealth you've acquired or look the part of a bloodthirsty pirate crew and strike terror into your foes on the ocean.

For more festive moments, you can acquire fireworks that can be used for signalling fellow pirate captains, or to simply celebrate your success.

Did we mention that you can get a pet? You can get a small furry companion to sit on a pedestal near your ships wheel and accompany you while you're sailing. If you are a cat person, well, we have the purrfect companion for you. For captains looking for something more exotic, perhaps a lemur is more enticing! There will be plenty of opportunities for you to personalise your ship when you're out adventuring on the high seas. The choice is yours!

Acquiring Vanity Items

Vanity items can be acquired through a variety of methods. As you progress in the game, you'll naturally unlock new items for your ship or your pirate captain to showcase your newfound infamy. Similarly, pirates who complete contracts and overcome additional challenges are sometimes rewarded with special vanity items.

Of course, a true pirate knows of more than one way to obtain the treasures, exotic goods and resources you require! Once you have amassed your wealth through countless skirmishes, ambushes, and dealings across the Indian Ocean, it would be a shame to have all that hard work go to waste. Thankfully, the various vendors around the world are happy to lighten your burden in exchange for some fine new vanity items. You'll be able to buy vanity items for your ship from your local shipwright, the ship menu, as well as vendors spread out across the many outposts. If you're looking for a wardrobe change, be sure to stop by the Atelier for a wide selection of captain vanity items. If you are looking to wear local garb, you can visit settlements and outposts vendors, to find faction inspired items to spruce up your outfit. As the saying goes, a captain should always dress to impress!

If you fancy more exotic or unique items to choose from, be sure to check out the seasonal content of the Smuggler pass and rotative store. Amongst the free content you can unlock, there will be blueprints, plus vanity items for your ship or your wardrobe. The premium content contained in the smuggler pass will contain more exclusive & unique cosmetic items. As those are more outlandish from the usual garb of the Indian Ocean, you'll be sure to stand out!

Apart from customising your loadouts, there are many ways to customise the appearance of your ships and acquire vanity items, and we can't wait to see all your different looking, imaginative and tactical ship vanity customizations in Skull and Bones. What's even better - not only ships, but you can also dress yourself up to finish the look! What will your style say about you?

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