July 7, 2022

Join our Insider Program

What's the insider program?

The Insider Program is on-going live testing initiative for which we’re inviting carefully selected players to play early versions of our game in real conditions. Members of our Insider Program get to play Skull and Bones and get a sneak peek at the work our development team has been doing behind the scenes.


The Insider Program is not a replacement for upcoming Live & Beta phases. Click here if you’d like to sign up for future test phases for Skull and Bones!

Why are we doing this?

Our main objective is to get real data & feedback. This isn’t about bug tracking, we want to see what our players do when they’re free to play our game whenever they want, however they want. Most importantly, we want to know how they feel about the game.

For this, we've established dedicated channels of communication reserved for members of the Insider Program to share about their experience, discuss with each other and get information straight from our development team.

Who's invited?

For now, we’re keeping the group of participants relatively small. It’s important for us to set things up in a way that allows us to fully understand the feedback we receive. See below what some of our participants have to say about it!

Can I be a part of it?

To be a member of our Insider Program means to be dedicated to testing work in progress versions of our game for our production team to gather data and insights. As an Insider, you might experience bugs and issues, but you will help us in creating a better experience for the rest of the community!

It requires patience and commitment, and most importantly a strict adherence to a Non Disclosure Agreement as well as our Ubisoft Code of Conduct .

Ideal candidates are Skull and Bones fans with a keen interest in game development and time to allocate to playing our game.

Do you think you have what it takes? If so, apply now!


What does it mean to be an Insider?

Being an Insider means being willing and committed to play early versions of Skull and Bones in order to help us identify key areas we need to improve. We’re only asking for your time and patience as we monitor your play session and understand what’s going on behind the scenes so that we can polish our game before its release.

What’s the difference between the Insider Program and OTHER LIVE PHASES?

The Insider Program is an on-going, live testing initiative where we invite a small but dedicated and passionate group of fans, so that we can better understand what works from what doesn’t. It doesn’t replace upcoming but shorter live testing phases where more players will get a chance to discover Skull and Bones and share their feedback with us.

Can I join the Insider Program on console?

For now, we’re only allowing PC players to join the Insider Program, but we’ll be sure to update this page if we decide to expand the initiative to consoles in the future.

Can I join the Insider Program if I’m under 18 years old?

Skull and Bones is still in development and therefore hasn’t been yet evaluated by the age rating board. For this reason, we ask of all participants to be at least 18 years old before they sign up and participate in our Insider Program.

Do I need to travel to participate in the Insider Program?

The Insider Program is an online initiative, no traveling is required.

Is the Insider Program CONFIDENTIAL?

Yes, every participant of the Insider Program must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before joining. Breaching this agreement will automatically result in permanent removal from the program.

When are registrations to the Insider Program closing?

The Insider Program is an on-going initiative, and as such registrations will remain open as long as the program lives on!

What is expected of me if I am selected to join the Insider Program?

We only expect of you to play our game regularly, whenever a session is happening. Reporting bugs, sharing feedback and interacting with other players or our staff, are all very appreciated but optional!

Who are the current members of the Insider Program?

We can’t reveal the full list of members as it is always growing and evolving.