July 25, 2022

DevBlog: Combat Preparation

Ahoy Captains!

Our last DevBlog was about choosing the perfect loadout for your ship before heading into combat. While a good loadout is, of course, important, it can only do so much. Another key aspect of combat is strategizing your attack. From customising your loadout to planning your attack to how to maximise your loot, there is much to consider when planning on how to best take down your enemies.  The first step however is provisioning. All hands hoay, let's get into it!

Disclaimer: As Skull and Bones is still in development some of this information may be subject to change.

Provisioning for Combat

As with any major undertaking, preparation is key! Before heading out to sea to hunt for your prey, take a moment to check your cargo hold. Depending on the length of your journey and the intensity of your fights, you want to be prepared and supplied, so you and your crew are ready to handle the rigours of your voyage. Pirate dens and outposts will play an important role in this as they provide opportunities to stock up on ammunition, kits, and food, repair your ship, or galvanise your crew. So, as you explore the open sea, keep an eye out for these important landmarks using your spyglass!


All weapons require ammunition! You can craft ammunition at the Blacksmith and buy it from various vendors across the map with silver coins. If you're lucky, you may even find ammunition in old wrecks, at outposts or just floating in the sea. Depending on your playstyle or preference, be sure to pack enough and the right type for your weapons to avoid dry firing during combat.


Every pirate, no matter how great, will inevitably receive damage to their ship during their voyages. Depending on the issue you're facing, there are different types of kits you can use to keep your ship seaworthy. These kits can be crafted at the Carpenter with the appropriate blueprint, or bought with silver from the Hawker NPC at dens.

Repair Kits, as the name suggests, can be used to repair your hull when your ship is not at a dock. They can be crafted at the Carpenter, purchased from vendors, or scavenged while exploring the world. They also come in different sizes ranging from extra small to small to medium, depending on your ship's needs.

You also have Restoration Kits that will allow you to plug the holes in your hull when flooded or snuff out the fire when ablaze or repair your sails when they are torn. In short, they'll remove all the status effects from your ship.

Rescue Kits are important to have in your cargo while voyaging! If you find yourself in an Emergency State, where you only have a few minutes before your ship is sunk, you have the option of using such a kit to get your ship back in a seaworthy state. Bear in mind that not having those kits on hand when in an Emergency State will result in your ship being sunk.

If you find yourself low on repair or mending kits there are other ways to repair your ship. For the right price, you can repair your ship using silver at one of the dens or outposts spread across the world. Another option is to ask your fellow pirates to heal you using one of the healing weapons. It won't remove the status effects from your ship, but it'll patch your hull and you'll stay afloat a while longer. All of these are great ways to save your kits for when you really need them!

SnB DevBlog - Combat Preparation - Repair Kits v2

Food and Recipes

It was said that an army marches on its stomach. The same can be said for your crew in a way as they'll need food to keep their stamina. Feed your crew the right food and you'll even enjoy increased stamina efficiency, higher crew-to-crew damage and more!

Food and recipes can be purchased from vendors or can be cooked on campfires using raw ingredients. As you progress through the game you will be able to cook different that will be more effective and trigger a wider range of buffs - from the humble roasted coconut to a delicious meal of Otak-Otak!

Cooking your crew a delicious and hearty meal can therefore be a worthwhile endeavour.

SnB DevBlog - Combat Preparation - OtakOtak

Galvanising your Crew

You've packed your ammunition, repair kits, and plenty of food for the journey, but you still don't quite feel ready, captain? If you're looking for an extra boost to invigorate your crew, consider galvanising them. It will provide you and your allies with a temporary stamina regeneration boost so it can be very useful when traversing the seas. You can galvanise your crew using the pirate's bonfires found in the outposts spread across the world. It may be worth your while to look for these outposts while you are out exploring, as it could give your crew an edge in combat.

[SnB] DevBlog - Combat Preparation - Pirate Bonfire

Now that you are all set to go, it is time to set sail and hunt your prey!

Hunting your Prey

Wealthy merchant ships, pesky pirate hunters, fellow pirates... For a pirate looking to make a name for themselves, the seas in Skull and Bones are ripe with potential prey! Use the spyglass to spot lucrative targets from afar. Assess their firepower and defences before diving into combat, lest the ill-prepared predator find themselves becoming the prey.


With your spyglass you will be able to identify your enemy's ship, faction, rank, damage types, armor types and possible loot. You will also see the potential infamy rewards for sinking the ship and the potential losses if you lose, which can give you an indication of the difficulty level of your enemy.

SnB DevBlog - Combat Preparation - Spyglass v2

Using this information, it will be up to you to decide whether to engage or not. While it may be tempting to jump into action, it's always good to take some time to assess your loadout and adjust it if needed. If your target is particularly well defended, consider recruiting loyal co-captains to support you in combat! Getting to know your enemies' weak spots and optimising your combat strategy in advance could turn the tide of battle and ultimately lead to victory so it will be a vital part of strategising your attack!

Once you've decided to engage your enemy, it's time to get strategic as you try to sink your enemies while maximising your profits. We will be discussing how to best do that in our next DevBlog, so get your spyglasses out and keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more information soon!