March 27 2023

Roller Champions New Season: Wild Ones

Hello champions, and welcome to the jungle!

Get ready to write your own legend in the golden age of long-lost civilizations! 

Starting April 4, the next season of Roller Champions, Wild Ones, will bring in new arenas, customization items, and a game-changing progression system.

Now, let's cruise through the content you'll discover this season. First, you'll be able to play in three new arenas: Hidden Cenote, Fallen Temple and Lost Civilization will be yours to explore!

Additionally, Wild Ones has unlocked the secrets of the past - all maps from all seasons will now be available to play in-game, both through standard matchmaking and in Custom Matches!

[RC] Season 4 teasing - Hidden Cenote

[RC] Season 4 teasing - Fallen Temple

[RC] Season 4 teasing - Lost Civilization

Secondly, a new season means new items. Get ready to embrace your wild side with an ancient warrior, or maybe a carnivorous plant, and the limitless possibilities in between!

[RC] Season 4 teasing - RCS4 Items v2

Thirdly, say goodbye to predefined rewards and hello to the power of choices! Let's bid farewell to the Roller Pass and give a warm welcome to Pick a Prize!

How does it work? Easy!  

Start by going to the freshly added 'Pick-a-Prize' tab in the game's main menu.  

Clicking on the center card will direct you to the rotating shop. Once there, you can pick any item you want to start earning with fans. That's right, once an item is selected, you can start earning it right away by simply playing the game and gaining fans. Any fan gained through playing matches, getting your daily bonus, completing a sponsor contract, or participating in skatepark activities will go directly towards unlocking your item.  

[RC] Season 4 teasing - PaP Step 1

[RC] Season 4 teasing - PaP Step 2

Once you progress enough, you earn the item. But that's not all! As you make progression towards earning your selected item, it will receive a greater and greater discount in terms of its Wheels cost, making it more affordable as you go.

This means that every item can be earned for free! And if another item catches your eye, you can finish your progress and get the item at a discount. Freeing you up to jump on that newest piece to really bring your roller outfit together.

[RC] Season 4 teasing - RCS4 PaP v2

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You can also follow us on Twitter to keep an eye out for updates on the game.

Wild Ones begins on April 4, 2023. It's time to gear up, head out, and carve your path to glory!

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