April 3 2023

Roller Champions – Wild Ones Season Patch Notes




  • The Roller Pass has been removed and replaced with Pick-A-Prize.
    • Select an item available in the Pick-A-Prize menu/item shop.
    • Earn fans to add progress towards earning the item.
    • As progress advances, the item will gain an increasing discount for purchase with Wheels.
    • Only one item can be earned at a time through Pick-A-Prize, you can change to a different prize at any time, but all progress will be lost.
    • More information on Pick-A-Prize.
  • Free Look previews are available for most Pick-A-Prize items to see on your character.
    • Titles, Banners, and Goal FX do NOT have visible previews through Pick-A-Prize.


  • Three new maps have been added:
    • Fallen Temple
    • Hidden Cenote
    • Lost Civilization
  • All maps are now playable in Custom Matches, Quick Matches, Ranked, and Hot Potato.
    • This includes all maps from Kickoff season, Disco Fever, Dragon's Way, Neo Retro, and Wild Ones.
    • Online matchmaking will prioritize Wild Ones maps for a time during the start of the season.

Note: We conducted a few polls to gauge the community's favorite maps and, simultaneously, were working on a way to incorporate all of them! We hope you enjoy!


  • The Hot Potato game mode is available in Custom Matches.
  • The Arena 8 map variant is available in Custom Matches.
  • The 2v2 Acapulco map variant is available in Custom Matches.
    • Some elements like player introductions are hindered when more than 4 players are present.
    • AI teammates have severely limited functionality while playing in this mode.
  • Clone Clash functionality is enabled in Custom Matches to play as a 1v1 match.
    • Each team must have a human player in the top slot with two AI players below to activate Clone Clash.
    • If a human player is in any slot but the first, the AI will behave as standard AI, rather than clones.

Note: Some combinations of maps and modes can run into issues with Clone behavior. Clone Clash 2v2 and Clone Clash Hot Potato, for example, do not combine. 2v2 Hot Potato and Arena 8 Clone Clash, however, have proven to be great combos!


  • A new integrated extension allows viewers to see your stats and profile, as well as those of other players in your match during a game.
    • You can disable having your stats shown by opting out of the public tracker via the online Career Page.
    • For more questions on the Career Tracker, read our FAQ.
  • Activate the extension by linking your Twitch and Ubisoft Connect accounts.



  • Fixed an issue causing the "Ball Focus" text to go missing after the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the ball to become invisible for individual players.
  • Further improvements to ball focus camera activation and tracking.


  • Addressed an issue with Creative AI teammates not responding to clockwise movement around the ring.
  • Fixed an issue causing focus to not switch properly during Clone Clash.
  • Fixed several cases where AI teammates would be unable to reach the ball. 
  • Fixed the AI difficulty to be easier during the first match of a new account. 



  • Fixed an issue causing player emotes to rearrange order when replaced.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Free Look" button not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue with swapping between cosmetics with VFX causing both to have graphical errors.
  • Fixed an issue where full outfit names will not appear properly in the Skater tab.
  • Multiple fixes to cosmetic item fixes with effects, textures, localizations, clipping, etc:
    • Banana Boss
    • Black Rhino
    • Dragon Sister Shi
    • Firestarter
    • Floral Queen
    • Jade Avatar Armor
    • Olmecking Body
    • Parrot Burst
    • Polyonimo Falls
    • Retro Charger Jake
    • Shaoling Master
    • Star Collector
    • Tea Demon Aneko
    • Wild Wasp


  • Fixed an issue with an empty pop-up appearing when using Quick Buy on headgear.
  • Fixed an issue where Wheels are not added after purchasing via the Wheels tab.
  • Fixed an issue causing the "Quick Buy" prompt to appear repeatedly.


  • Fixed an issue causing long load times after a player is away from the game.
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to hang briefly when closing.
  • Fixed multiple instances of crashes including:
    • During the initial game loading splash screen.
    • When equipping emotes in the main menu. 
    • When going AFK in the main menu. 
    • When going AFK in the Skater Tab. 
    • When joining a game while the purchase confirmation popup is open.
    • When navigating control settings menus. 
    • When navigating friends-list/invitation menus.
    • When navigating the Career Tab.
    • When playing with a gamepad/controller.
    • When purchasing Wheels.
    • When switching accounts. 
    • When viewing Ranked progression. 


  • Fixed an issue causing AI players to have 100 Fans when spectated.
  • Fixed an issue showing the podium screen for a player reconnecting to a Custom Match.
  • Fixed an issue where changes to Match Settings did not match the view of non-host players.


  • Fixed an issue causing the Free Look option to disappear 
  • Fixed an issue causing the mailbox to appear empty after rebooting the game.
  • Fixed an issue showing an incorrect speed when the player is standing still in Clone Clash.
  • Fixed an issue with empty text appearing in place of a name when a player leaves a match.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Swap" button in Clone Clash not highlighting properly. 
  • Multiple fixes to in-game and in-menu icons, symbols, and pictures.
  • Multiple localization and translation corrections.
  • Multiple minor UI adjustments and fixes. 
  • Removed several cases of debugging text in various places. 


  • Multiple fixes to map animations, triggers, and visual effects.
  • Multiple fixes to map geometry, textures, and lighting.
  • Fixed an issue where the goal could appear closed on Arena 8 during a 3-pointer replay.
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