April 9, 2024

New Songs from Dream Theater and more now available in Rocksmith+

2024 Spring 1 Release Notes 

Build Information 

  • PC Version: 
  • Download Package Version: 20240321085438 
  • Rocksmith+ Connect Version:  

Feature improvements / New features 


  • Onboarding Challenges
    •  These are challenges for new players to help get them used to using Rocksmith+. These range from asking you to play a lesson, to getting a certain percentage on a song. 

Guitar / Bass 

  • Pitch Shifter  
    • Ever wanted to play a song on Guitar or Bass that was in a low tuning but did not want to retune your whole instrument to play that one song? This feature is to help alleviate that! When enabled, you can set what tuning you want your guitar or bass to stay in, and we will try to adjust the tuning of songs to accommodate for that. We will pitch your instrument's audio up or down, so it sounds like it is in the proper tuning. This feature works on Guitar and Bass when using a cabled connection. 
    • Here are some examples:  
      • E Standard -> B Standard - With the pitch shifter enabled, you will not need to retune your instrument going from E standard to B Standard (or vise-versa).  
      • Drop D -> Drop A - The pitch shifter also works in this case, and you will not need to retune your instrument. 
      • E Standard -> Drop C - The pitch shifter will ask you to retune to Drop D, so you only need to retune one string, instead of all of them. 


  • Grand Piano Tone Override  
    • A new option has been added under the "Sound" settings that allows you to turn off the tones we use on Piano, so you are left with just a Grand Piano tone. 
  • Sustain Pedal pop-up  
    • If you previously disabled the visuals for Sustain Pedal on Piano, and we detect that you press the sustain pedal on your piano, we will ask you if you would like to turn the visuals back on. This is to help if you started playing before you owned a sustain pedal, and you purchase one later and forgot to turn the visuals back on. 

__Rocksmith Workshop __

  • Lower Guitar tunings now allowed in Rocksmith Workshop 
    • The new lowest tuning allowed on Guitar is -12 semitones, lowered from the -7 previously allowed. This only applies to Guitar; it does not impact Bass. 

Major Bug Fixes 


  • Fixed an issue where some song queues could enter an infinite loading state. 
  • Fixed an issue that caused some songs to display an incorrect song duration.  
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to freeze when transitioning from the Customize Tab to the Tones tab. 
  • Fixed an issue that could cause game to freeze when backing out of an artist page. 


  • Fixed an issue that caused the noteway to flicker when transitioning from the tuning screen. 
  • Fixed an issue that caused the noteway to not appear when switching from Tab Only mode to the noteway on the pause menu.  
  • Fixed an issue where accented chords were hard to see when "Blackout Mode" was enabled. 
  • Fixed an issue that caused chords with bends to sometimes display the wrong arrow depicting how much you need to bend the string. 
  • Fixed an issue that caused notes in detailed arpeggio zones that need sustain as they are linked to other notes (change of technique, slide, etc.) to not have a notehead nor a sustain tail, making the child notes appear incorrectly. 
  • Fixed multiple issues in piano sheet music 
    • Rhythmic note spacing has been improved 
  • Fixed some issues with some vertical and horizontal collisions that occurred in some songs 
  • Fixed some scaling and padding issues 

__Practice Presets __

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the page header to disappear when finishing a practice session after playing a song. 


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to freeze when backing out of the key range screen in the Tutorial when playing Piano for the first time. 
  • Fixed an issue that could cause game sounds to not be played when using the Real Tone Cable during the Tutorial. 

Major Known Issues  


  • Sound may be distorted when launching the game with Dolby Digital and DTS enabled, and Audio Exclusivity is turned on.  
  • When transitioning to the Song Results screen under certain conditions, you may hear some static. 


  • The "Late" indicator does not always appear in the noteway when hitting a note late.   
  • The difficulty target percentage numbers in song details do not always match the location of the difficulty slider. 
  • A soft lock may occur when rearranging the monitors at 4K resolution.   
  • Some flickering may happen on sustain techniques in the Noteway on PC.   

__Rocksmith+ Mobile __ 

  • On Piano, when using audio-based note detection through a microphone or an audio interface, notes may register as correct even if they are played in the incorrect octave. 
  • A soft lock or crash may occur when pausing and unpausing the tutorial if you are using the Rocksmith Tuner app to connect to the game. 
  • The Mobile app may crash when used on a Google Pixel device. 
  • The Ubisoft Connect log-in screen is forced into horizontal / landscape view, which can cause the keyboard to overlap with most of the log-in screen. 
  • It may take a long time to transition into the noteway on some older devices. 
  • The app does not automatically connect to the device microphone if there are no other input devices connected. 
  • On the Search page, if you cancel the filter and display many songs, album art may not be displayed for some songs.  
  • On the Play page, some song queues may fail to load in.  

__Rocksmith Tuner App __  

  • A crash may occur when the Rocksmith Tuner app is brought back in focus after the mobile device is locked. 

__Rocksmith Workshop  __

  • Rocksmith Workshop takes longer than expected to load. 
  • The game client may soft lock if you plug in or disconnect your instrument while loading a project into Rocksmith Workshop. 


  • Rebooting the title during the tutorial when playing through it for a new instrument, will reset the menu language to English. 
  • A soft lock may occur when completing the key range screen when using your device microphone. 

New Content Playable Now in Rocksmith+!

Check it out in game, or in our Spotify Playlist.

New Authentic Arrangements: 66

  • Dead & Company - Franklin's Tower - Chord Chart
  • Dead & Company - Friend of the Devil - Chord Chart
  • Dead & Company - Mr. Charlie - Chord Chart
  • Dead & Company - Ripple - Chord Chart
  • Dead & Company - They Love Each Other - Chord Chart
  • Dead & Company - Uncle John's Band - Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater - 6:00 - Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater- Anna Lee - Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater- Another Day - Bass, Lead, Piano, Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater- As I Am - Bass, Lead, Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater- Hollow Years - Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater- Learning to Live - Bass, Lead, Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater- Metropolis - Part I: "The Miracle and the Sleeper" - Bass, Lead, Rhythm, Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater - On the Backs of Angels - Bass, Lead, Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater - Pull Me Under - Bass, Lead, Rhythm, Piano, Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater - Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On - Bass, Lead, Piano, Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater - Scene Seven: I. The Dance of Eternity - Bass, Lead, Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater - Scene Two: I. Overture 1928 - Bass, Lead, Piano, Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater - Song 09 (Pale Blue Dot) - Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater - Space-Dye Vest - Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater - Surrounded - Bass, Lead, Piano, Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater - Take the Time - Bass, Lead, Piano, Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater - The Enemy Inside - Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater - The Silent Man - Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater - Under a Glass Moon - Bass, Lead, Piano, Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater - Wait for Sleep - Piano, Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater - Wither - Bass, Lead, Chord Chart
  • Dream Theater- Wither (Piano Version) - Piano, Chord Chart

New Arrangements for Previously Released Songs: 7

  • Bonnie Raitt - Louise - Simple Piano
  • Bonnie Raitt - About To Make Me Leave Home - Piano
  • Cardigans - Lovefool - Piano
  • Gallina Pintadita - Cucarachita - Simple Piano
  • Gloria Estefan - Mambo I, I, I - Simple Piano
  • Super Simple Songs - Put On Your Shoes - Piano
  • The Sesame Street Cast - What's the Name of That Song? - Piano

Deactivated songs: 12

  • Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now
  • Johnny Cash - Ballad of a Teenage Queen
  • Johnny Cash - Down the Street to 301
  • Living Colour - Should I Stay Or Should I Go
  • Spice 1 - 187 He Wrote
  • Johnny Cash - It's Just About Time
  • Jerry Lee Lewis - It'll Be Me
  • Aswad - Roots Rocking
  • Black & White Brothers - Put Your Hands Up
  • Peter Weniger - You Don't Know What Love Is

Song Availability Varies by Region

New users can try Rocksmith+ free for seven days when they sign up for a 12-month subscription by either downloading the mobile app for iOS and Android or PC. Check out the full song library for more songs from your favorite artists. Rocksmith+ is available on PC exclusively through theUbisoft Store. For more on Rocksmith+, check out the official site.

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