October 25, 2021


What’s up Riders!

While you roar through the trails and bumpy canyons of The Fearless Ford Adventure Tour, Ford Motor Company and the Bronco Wild Fund will be donating to American Trails, a non-profit organization that helps maintain and enhance the places we ride in real life.

On top of that, you get to level up BIG every time you play. When a player completes The Fearless Ford Adventure Tour, they get rewarded with STARS and XP.

You can use your XP for upgrades, item-shop purchases and more.
By collecting enough STARS, you can unlock new sports and more career tracks.

The Fearless Ford Adventure Tour is a part of a massive multiplayer playground. In this specific tour, you can level up big and give back to a great cause.

[RR] News - Ford Partnership - American Trails

More trails. Better trails. Serving all.

American Trails believes that trails move hearts, minds and people. They are a trail advocacy organization that has been working for over 30 years to educate about trails, advocate for trails and help get more and better trails built. They are the only organization that supports all trail types: including hiking, cycling, equestrian, motorized, water trails and more.

RR News - Ford Partnership - Bronco

The Ford Bronco Wild Fund

The Bronco Wild Fund is inspired by the epic return of the legendary Ford Bronco (which you can spot throughout Riders Republic). Its mission is to promote access and preservation and to connect people with the great outdoors, responsibly.

In this spirit, Ford will make a donation to American Trails via the Bronco Wild Fund. To learn more, visit broncowildfund.com.


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