October 27, 2021

Multiplayer in Riders Republic

So, multiplayer is your jam, huh? This guide will get you up and riding in no time. 

Let's jump right into Free For All.  

First and foremost, if crushing 11 other opponents in a variety of eventssounds like your kinda thing, then Free For All is for you. It's an ever-changing playlist of different events focusing on different themes and styles of gameplay in the Republic.  

Each playlist comes along with its own division ranking system, so get out there, compete, and try to reach Division 1. Every time you reach a new Division, you'll face other players with the same Division ranking. At the end of every Free For All event, you gain experience that'll help you level up and unlock new gear. 

Some tips: Keep an eye out for the warm up before each round: this will allow you to select the gear you need for the best performance in each event.  

As crazy as it sounds, sometimes selecting a Funkie for a specific event might be all the advantage you need to beat your opponent!

Also, keep an eye out for limited timed playlists, these playlists last for a short amount of time and push the limits of competition with new themes and events!  For the first season, we'll have a unique limited timed playlist each week, so check them out and try to reach the top division!

If you care more about barreling down a mountain in a chaotic racing challenge against a stampede of other players, then Mass Races are for you. So let me help you out here as well. 

Mass Races are quick, intense, and chaotic: the sports can be switched at any moment through sport-switch gates. So before going in, make sure you're equipped with a balanced gear set that'll help you throughout the entire event.  

This isn't a trick competition, so air time will be your enemy. Stay on the ground to hit that mph and shred to the finish line. 

And remember:Every. Round. Counts. You never know what could happen! Even if you do badly inthe first round, keep grinding until the very end because things can change on a dime. 

Lastly, if you're more into team competition, pop into Tricks Battle with 5 of your friends and compete in one of the off the wall Arenas to gain the most points. Here are some tips to help you do that. 

All points come from tricks. Let's talk about how to maximize those tricks to get more points. First and foremost, this is a team game. The biggest strategy to get the most points is by locking a District and getting that 5X multiplayer. What's a District? Glad you asked! 

Each Arena is divided into districts. In each District, there are bunch of cool opportunities to trick off of. When you perform a trick on these opportunities, they'll turn blue. Sure it's a pretty color, but not the only reason to perform tricks: turn all opportunities blue in a District and you lock it. You'll see a 5X multiplayer written on locked Districts and in your minimap. This means you and your teammates will gain 5 times more points by performing tricks in this location.  

Locking a district alone is tough though! So make sure to coordinate with your teammates to get that sweet multiplier faster. 

Of course, your opponents can lock Districts as well. Thwart your them by heading to red opportunities and turning them blue. You can use you minimap to see where they are, plus what your teammates are up to, which districts are locked and which are ALMOST locked. 

Want even more points?! When you're pulling off those high flying aerials and those sick grinds, doing them with a buddy nearby will also boost the points that you get and help you dominate the opposition. You'll know when the teammate scoring is active when the connection line appears linking you together. 

Now you've got all you need to have fun with friends and foes online! Remember, if you want more game help, subscribe to our channel. Have fun and see you in the Republic!


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