October 21, 2021


Stars are the way you progress in the game and unlock new sports, sponsors, and ShackDaddy Bandit Challenges. To get stars, you need to play the game! In order to maximize your star acquisition, here are a few tips.

If you’re a solo player and you like playing through events, a great way to gain stars is to complete side objectives. When you complete an event, you’ll always get a star. However, every event has side objectives that will award you with more stars. When you go into an event, be sure to look for the side objectives. You’ll notice that some of them might award more stars than others. The ones that award most stars are harder objectives but can help you progress faster. Others are easier to do and will award you less stars. Once you complete these objectives you cannot complete them again. Continue playing more events to keep the stars coming!

If multiplayer is more your speed, then here are some ways to obtain stars by competing against others in our multiplayer playlists.

By completing a match in Tricks Battle and Free for All, you will receive a star. However, if you want to maximize your stars, you should play Mass Races. For every round you complete in Mass Races, you will gain stars. Additionally, at the end of each Mass Race, everyone will be awarded bonus stars. Try to perform your best because the better you do, the most stars you’ll receive. Players who get first place will get a bigger star bonus than everyone else!

Here’s the scoop on getting more stars: always check out the weekly challenges at the Shackdaddy Bandit Challenges hangout in the Riders Ridge. By completing some these crazy weekly challenges, you can get a whole bunch of stars.

Don’t forget about Bucks! With Bucks, you can get cool customization and accessories for your Riders. If customization is your thing, keep an eye out on sponsors to get cash.

Rewards come from leveling up your sponsor and completing its challenges. This can get you Bucks, gear or customization items. Check out your Sponsors reward page to get started.

If you really want to earn some Bucks, complete the daily Sponsor contracts. The daily Sponsor challenges need you to complete three, six and nine contracts, each increasing more rewards.

Don’t forget about those stars! Leveling up your star progressions will also reward you Bucks.

Multiplayer can be another source of Bucks as well. Pop into either the Free For All playlist or the Tricks Battle mode to earn points for your weekly level and climb up those Divisions. At the end of the week, your weekly level will award you those hard-earned Bucks. When a playlist ends, your division ranking will also fatten up your pockets.

Go forth, rider! You’ve now got all you need get those Stars and Bucks! Have fun and see you in the Republic!


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