May 25, 2023

May Community Update

Hello Riders! 

It's time for a new community update! 

With the reveal of Skate last month, we hope you're looking forward to this new addition! Don't miss out on the bi-weekly questions via our socials to help shape this new addition to the Republic. 

As some of you saw, Riders Republic will also be available on Steam. To support this new opportunity, we'll have a patch in the upcoming weeks. There won't be any new content in this patch, but we'll add a few bug fixes in there. Mostly to solve some performance issues and crashes. 

One of the main questions following the road map revealed was about the new onboarding and new career progression. Let's dive in there to clear the air! 

New Onboarding 

Since the launch, we observed some of our new players had difficulty going through the introduction of the game, due to its duration and linear aspect. Preventing them from enjoying the unique social open world promise of Riders Republic.  

With Season 7, we'll bring a completely revamped introduction, to create a shorter and more spectacular experience to join the community of the Republic way faster!  

We take this opportunity to refresh the dialogs and cinematics to be more in line with the evolutions of the game since launch.  

Once the introduction is over, the new players will now see a few icons in the world map to start their careers. This is another big change coming with this update, now all sports and their careers are unlocked from the get-go. Letting players with the choice to start with whichever career they like, or freeride the map with all sports available in the sports wheel.  

To replace the former careers unlock steps in the progress trackers, riders will also be rewarded with brand new bike, snow and rocket wing helmets at 30, 65 and 90 stars. Players who already passed these thresholds will receive them retroactively. 

New Career progression

We also observed our players tend to lose track of the progression in their careers after a while.  As so many events keep getting unlocked whatever they do. With season 7, we also reworked that aspect to help players flow easily in the different careers.  

Now, the new flow to unlock events for a specific career will be more linear. To unlock the next event in the career, you just must complete the previous one by reaching the finish line. Sport XP remains, of course, but won't unlock new events anymore as you level up. Players will still get new gear or money upon leveling up.  

This way, it's easier to track the new events you unlock and the ones you need to do. Just like the BMX career or like the Ultimate Ridge events.  

If you have already unlocked the boss event of a career, you won't see any change to your experience. If you are still progressing in a career, don't worry, your progress is kept, all the events you unlocked will be still there, and then the new unlock rule will apply to the next step of the career. 

Live events

With season 6, we introduced 2 new live events every week to propose new experiences. Where we're revisiting events you are familiar with, with a unique twist. Such as the F.0.R. group hacking events to let you experience them with their own vision. 

With season 7, we want to go further with this concept, proposing more content every week, as well as new twists to surprise you. And weekly challenges to support them.  

We hope you'll enjoy this richer weekly program, let us by sharing your feedback! 

See you soon Riders!


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