March 28, 2023

Pushing the limits!

Starting the 29th of March 2023, the new season, Riders Republic Cutting Edge, will push the limits of extreme sports.

Before diving in the new content of this season, you can check the patch note right here, and the list of the main known issues here!

Now, let's get into the future, Riders!


We have a brand-new toy that lets you dominate all four elements -- ride the earth and water while doing incredible new tricks in the air. You'll sure be on fire with it!
This new way of exploring the Republic will be a paid toy that isn't part of the Year 1 Pass. The Hoverboard will be available the second week of this season. If you're not convinced yet, you'll be able to try it for free on multiple occasions during the extremely packed program for this season!


Prada is back again once more in the Republic to make sure you're not only landing incredible tricks, but also doing it in style! For this season, Prada has a brand-new event available for everyone where you'll be able to preview the Hoverboard!
While the Hoverboard will get a dedicated Prada skin, called the Tulip Hoverboard, your character won't be left behind with the Fluo Illusion and Chameleon outfits. The latter one will be part of the season progression, don't miss it!

The Ridge Ultimate Pack

The most spectacular events of the Republic will be available in this pack. 8 incredible new events, from BMX to bikes, skis, and snowboards... the Ridge Ultimate Pack will show you amazing new places. You'll also have new dedicated outfits and rewards!
Available March 29th as a paid DLC, not included in the Year 1 Pass, some of the freestyle playgrounds will be accessible for everyone in free ride.

New Tricks Battle Rules

Keeping the same arenas, we'll introduce a new set of rules for the Tricks Battles. Instead of going to the biggest tricks possible, the focus is now on dominating the arena. Capturing a district can change the tide of the battle. If you want all the details and the reasons behind this change, check out this article.

Protect Our Winters

The environment plays a big role in the Republic. Without such amazing landscapes, we wouldn't be able to get such gorgeous views when exploring the world. And protecting the planet is always a topic close at heart for the Riders Republic team.

After project Rebirth and the first ever virtual climate march, we're now working with the Protect Our Winters organization.

"Conscience", the movie dedicated to their work will be showcased on the Ridge Big Screen many times during the season to make sure everyone have a chance to watch it. It'll be in French with English subtitles for everyone to enjoy.

And a lot more!

This season brings a lot more changes. The Freestyle Snowmobile gets some improvements with a sprint bar, andbetter absorption to support it.

Have you ever wanted to get close to the water and had to backtrack? Well, you'll now be able to swim! Diving head first in the water after a backflip from the Hoverboard? Check! Season Progression? Check!

Weekly events

Check, of course! A new building will be present in the Ridge, where you were usually teleported to the weekly events. This new building changes appearance based on the season's weekly themes. Speaking of themes, this season will see the Live Events back, and bigger than before! Get ready to see your usual events in an entirely new way! And the multiplayer competitions are not left behind. Mass Race tournaments, Leaderboards, the opportunity to get your name in the Republic as well as unique rewards are higher than ever before!

New players have entered!

Finally, for this season, two new identified groups landed in the Republic, and they seem willing to influence some of the weekly events... Are they here to simply chill and eat a borgir with Brett and Suki? Or was Gary too late to warn us?


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