June 26, 2023

Season 7 Patch note

Patch Highlights

New feature: Live Area
The Live Area is an open-ended play zone where a scoring objective must be reached within the time limit. As weekly Live Events, they are tagged from the Mountain View as "Live" and you can use the "Live" Tab to find them easily. Each Live Area will come with some dedicated weekly challenges. 

Progression changes: The early experience of the game has been revamped for better onboarding of new players.

  • New, shorter game introduction for quicker access to the social open world experience.
  • Updated dialogs and cinematics
  • All careers are available right away after the introduction. The corresponding unlock steps in the progress trackers are replaced by exclusive helmets at 30/65/90 stars. Players who have already reached these steps will receive the new helmets too.
  • The progression within a career is now linear. The events are unlocked one after the other upon reaching the finish line of the current event.


You're now able to do tricks in first person camera! You'll need to activate an option.

Live events can now have different types of opposition, to make sure they're not too easy!

The trick list now includes a scoring menu, depending on the current sport equipped.


  • The Peace Out emote is back!
  • Corrected wrong information displayed by the leaderboards.
  • Unlocked some progression issues where players were stuck in the onboarding or when unlocking new careers.
  • Removed the sparkle effect from certain helmets when flying in first person.
  • Updated the X Games hoodie.
  • Improved the collisions with ghosts in the leaderboard mode.
  • Corrected the textures on the Slash 9.9 bike.
  • Balanced the points given when using different measurement units.
  • Added some visual effects missing when swimming.


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