June 27, 2023

Riders Republic be Chillin'

Hey Riders, the patch for Season 7 has been deployed this morning. So, let's chill and get some details about Riders Republic going.

As usual, some content is already available, and some must wait until tomorrow. So, before we dive in, let's clear the air on what is available!


  • New Introduction
  • New Career Progression
  • New seasonal Hub


  • New feature: Live area
  • New items in the shop
  • New season progression
  • New seasonal content

Now, let's spill the deets!

New Introduction

Same sense of déjà-vu if you read the updates.

Since the launch, we also observed some of our new players had difficulty getting through the game introduction due to its duration and linear aspect, preventing them from enjoying the unique social open world promise in Riders Republic.

With Season 7, we'll bring a completely revamped introduction, to create a shorter and more spectacular experience to join the community of the Republic way, way, faster!

We take this opportunity to refresh the dialogs and cinematics to be more in line with the evolutions of the game since launch.

Once the introduction is over, the new players will now see a few icons on the world map to start their careers. This is another big change coming with this update, now all sports and their careers are unlocked from the get-go. Giving players the option to start with whichever career they like or freeride the map with all sports available in the sports wheel.

To replace the former careers unlock steps in the progress trackers, riders will also be rewarded with brand-new helmets at 30, 65 and 90 stars. Players who already passed these thresholds will receive them retroactively.

[RR] Riders Republic Chillin' season is here! - RR Progression Rewards

New Career Progression

If you read our community update, you might have been spoiled!

We observed our players tend to lose track of the progression of their careers after a while. As so many events keep getting unlocked, whatever they do. With season 7, we reworked that aspect to help players flow easily through the various careers.

The new flow to unlock events for a specific career will be more linear. To access the next event in a career, you must complete the previous one by reaching the finish line. Sport XP remains, of course, but no longer unlocks new events as you level up. Players will still get new gear or money upon leveling up.

This way, it's easier to track the new events you unlock and the ones you need to do. Just like the BMX career or like the Ultimate Ridge events.

If you have unlocked the boss event of a career, you won't see any change to your experience. If you are still progressing in a career, don't worry, your progress is kept, and all the events you unlocked will still show. Then the new unlock rule will apply to the next step in the career.

Live Area and Live Events

Starting with season 5, we introduced Live Events. It is a way for us to highlight some events weekly and can revisit familiar events with unique twists.

With season 6, we took it further, with 2 Live Events every week. Sometimes used for competitions and sometimes to create twisted experiences. Such as the F.0.R. group hacking events to let you experience them with their vision to push the boundaries. Or to follow the strict discipline of the Shogun riders.

With season 7, we go even further. Not only are we bringing more Live Events, we bring new modifiers to create unique experience when revisiting familiar events! Look for the #CHILLIN ones for relaxing rides, expect plenty of surprises and re-discover many of your beloved events with other gear, toys, or cool twists. The Republic isn't done yet with the F.0.R group and the shogun riders...
LIVE EVENTS come with exclusive weekly challenges to complete, so playing each of them will help you reach the master reward!

We're also adding Live Areas, open-ended play zones where a scoring objective must be reached within a time limit. As weekly Live Events, they are tagged from the mountain view as "Live" and you can use the "Live" Tab to find them easily.

So we hope you'll love coming back every week to look for this rich program of LIVE activities and complete your weekly challenges for new customization items and gear during the season.

New Seasonal Content

On the menu for this seasonal progression is an awesome emote, finally allowing you to show off your dance skills; a new outfit to be ready for anything this summer. A relic of the Republic: an ancient Egypt inspired elite BMX; a pair of elite Faction signature skis and a unique outfit from a new collaboration with the brand Nineyard. And shoes. Yes, shoes! From a famous VANS model we added to the game!

[RR] Riders Republic Chillin' season is here! - RR Nineyard Tech

Really exciting top tiers item for you to collect. So, what are you waiting for? You have 3 months to play and collect stars to get them.
As usual with the season progression, don’t forget to claim it before a season switch!

Per usual, the shop is about to be filled with new items to fit this season. Meet Lava, Prism & Mercury in the shop right now! The collection of "Elementals" outfits coming with unique visual effects and animated patterns!

[RR] Riders Republic Chillin' season is here! - RR Elemental Full

See you tomorrow, for the beginning of the Riders Republic Chillin’ season!


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