July 20, 2023

Community Update

Greetings, Riders!

As the Chillin' season is in full swing, it's time for a quick update!

Known Issues:

As always, the new season brings a bunch of bug fixes. Stay updated on them right here. Just a reminder, we don't disclose exploits to prevent their spread, and we mainly focus on medium or higher priority issues. For more insight into our issue prioritization, check this link. Thanks to the new onboarding process, some previously stuck players are now free to explore the Republic and its events.

We've also received reports regarding performance issues on PC. If you encounter any, please ensure that your PC meets the minimum requirements. If you're certain it does, don't hesitate to contact Ubisoft support.

Additionally, due to crashes faced by some riders during round 2 or 3, we temporarily reduced the number of players for Mass Races on PC to 32. This change will be reverted with Season 8.

Live Events and Live Areas:

We're currently in the fourth week of this exciting new season, and with each passing week, we bring you eight captivating Live Events and a dynamic Live Area to infuse a fresh flavor into the Republic.

One of the current challenges involves facing off against Oni X, a mysterious and enigmatic character who appears to be the shogun riders' sensei. However, there's something peculiar about him. Brett mentioned that he has seen Oni X's bike before—an exclusive custom bike awarded during the duels he used to participate in before the Republic opened up to all riders. Strangely, the original bike disappeared some time ago, leading to the creation of a new version for the Invitational. Were you able to overcome Oni X last week and claim this elusive bike for yourself? We'd love to hear your thoughts on this season's program and its Live activities! Feel free to share your feedback with us.

Steam Deck:

With the recent release of Riders Republic on Steam, we understand the high demand for game compatibility with the Steam Deck. We want to assure you that we're working on it, although it's not as simple as a few clicks, as some might believe. There are several layers involved, and we appreciate your patience. While we don't have an ETA at the moment, Steam users will be the first to know as soon as there is an update.

Season 8:

As previously revealed, Season 8 will introduce exciting new elements to the Republic. As you may have seen during Ubisoft Forward, skateboarding will be the new sport of the year, adding a whole new dimension of tricks to the Republic.

In addition to the existing trick controls, we're introducing a new set of combinations that will significantly expand your repertoire of tricks. With this exciting addition, you'll have an incredible array of options at your disposal to carve out the most impressive lines imaginable.

Speaking of the Steam Deck, Season 8 will also unveil an entirely new area called the Deck! Divided into multiple parts, this area will offer incredible opportunities, including bowls, half pipes, a village of containers, and a mega ramp.

Skateboarding won't be limited to this new area and we're confident that it will be just as thrilling to explore it with the other sports of the Republic.
In addition to this new area, we're organizing an exciting festival that will set the rhythm for this season. Stay tuned for more details soon!

Lastly, one of the most requested features since before the release of Riders Republic is finally coming: the replay mode. While it was available during some test servers, we've gathered player feedback and worked closely with the invaluable MAD Collective to make it as good as possible, incorporating your wish list.

We'll keep you informed about all the preparations for this incredible season. See you soon, riders!


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