Creative Spotlight #7: FrAgMenT

he Rainbow Six community has a lot of outstandingly creative people that continue to amaze us with beautiful, funny and creative contributions. In this series, we want to highlight some of them.

We proceed this series with the astonishing artist FrAgMenT!

frag-ment-rainbow6siege-nokk-promo-fanart-2k 356547

Hello FrAgMenT! Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for us!

Please introduce yourself and tell us - who are you outside of Rainbow Six Siege?

FrAgMenT: Hey, I am FrAgMenT and I live in Vienna, Austria. While I’d like to go by my pen name I can tell you that I share my real name with a main character from the Star Wars universe. I studied biomedical analytics and work full-time in a laboratory. Apart from drawing, I love going to the gym, freeride mountain biking, and gaming.

When did you start creating art and why?

FrAgMenT: Drawing has been a part of my life since my childhood and I still remember that my art teacher always appreciated my drawings. But my real passion for it started only 10 years ago during my civilian service with the rescue workers. I grabbed a pen every time we had to wait for our next mission. At that time, I already enjoyed anime and manga a lot, so I tried to mimic the art styles I loved, and I found great fun in trying to get better. After a few years, people on DeviantArt started to recognize me for my "Bleach" fanart and that motivated me to get even better.

If you look back at your art style how has it developed over time? FrAgMenT: My art changed a lot over the years. At the beginning, I simply tried to illustrate the picture I had in mind without considering the perspectives, values, and anatomy. I was very fast and sometimes did two drawings a day. Now each illustration is a project itself and takes way more time. All my characters are naked at first and later clothed layer by layer to get the anatomy right. Without having references, it’s a real struggle sometimes, but I also enjoy the challenge.

When did you first learn about Rainbow Six Siege?

FrAgMenT: When I saw the E3 reveal trailer in 2014 for the very first time. As a big fan of Battlefield 3 CQB this trailer hit me like a truck and I watched it over and over again. I got the game on day 1 and played it ever since—almost every day. Our core group of people is still the same, but our effort and motivation grows with every season.

Who is your favorite Siege operator, and who is your favorite operator to draw?

FrAgMenT: I usually play characters that appeal to me and I really enjoy character designs with a hood, so my main character to play is Hibana. Being one of the few hard breachers, she has great value for the team which is another reason why I enjoy playing her. My favorite character to draw would be Ela, I just love her design and characteristics a lot.

If your life had a theme song, what would it be? fragment hibana cosplay 356548 FrAgMenT: I am constantly changing and so is the music, which is why I don’t have a song that defines my life.

You recently made a Hibana Elite cosplay as well! Tell us more about that experience!

FrAgMenT: I got the idea to make a cosplay of Hibana Elite after I drew a genderbent version of it at an artist meetup. Everyone loved the design, so I started to look into the gear she wears. First thing I bought were her sneakers and that settled the decision to make a full cosplay. I had to build her chest rig plus some other parts and as a complete rookie I had no clue on how to proceed. Thanks to the help of some dear Twitter friends and the power of YouTube I managed it though. I was proudly wearing the cosplay at Gamescom and the German Nationals of Rainbow Six Siege. The cosplay community at those events felt like a big family and I found many friends, so I’m very happy about the decision to really go for it and create that cosplay.

What is your all-time favorite TV show and which one would you recommend?

FrAgMenT: I am a big fan of anime but nowadays I hardly find the time to sit back and watch a series. I think my all-time favorite show must be Naruto. It’s a show that followed me through my childhood, youth and made me appreciate my family and the bonds I was able to make. Whenever I hear the original soundtrack I immediately get set back and feel a wave of emotions welling up. Right now, if you are into anime, I strongly urge you to check out “Kimetsu no Yaiba“. It’s a great story brought to life with probably the best animations I have seen in years, underlined with an amazing soundtrack. frag-ment-rainbow-six-siege-ela-final-web 356546

Who are your artistic role models/inspirations?

FrAgMenT: I started to draw manga because of the art of Tite Kubo, the creator of the series “Bleach”. But inspirations change over the years and today I can’t wait to see new art from GUWEIZ. It was his art that made me explore lower saturated compositions and interesting backgrounds. Other inspirations for me are Shirow Miwa (Dogs: Bullets & Carnage), Navigavi and Zeen Chin, to name a few.

What would you like to see regarding the future of the game?

FrAgMenT: I honestly enjoy Siege the way it is, and I believe that you already have many great things in store for us. Fair and competitive games is something I enjoy and look forward to continue seeing on Siege.

Thank you so much for answering our questions FrAgMenT! Please check them out using the links below to see more of their art and give them a follow:

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