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Anchor, Secure


Castle is an anchor and secure Operator, capable of creating defensive strongholds around the objective, controlling the flow of the attackers and slowing down their assault. Castle's unique ability is to create reinforced barricades using the: UTP1-Universal Tactical Panel.


Primary Weapon





Secondary Weapon

5.7 USG


Super Shorty




Impact Grenade

Unique Ability

Armor Panel

Real Name
Miles Campbell
Date of Birth
September 20th (Age 36)
Place of Birth
Sherman Oaks, California


“Listen up, people: No one dies today. Any questions’ll just have to wait.”

Miles Campbell graduated from Cal State LA with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and promptly joined the LAPD. Recruited into LAPD SWAT, Campbell excelled in tactical support and high-risk incidents. His careful application of dynamic and deliberate entries made him a Captain early on, while his exceptional perimeter control earned him his first commendation.

Always interested in the safety of his team, Campbell worked tirelessly to perfect defense and reinforcement techniques and equipment. He has earned multiple commendations since his first and is a certified firearms specialist. Transferred to the FBI as a field agent where he trained with the German Federal Police (GSG-9), he was then recruited into the FBI SWAT team. Campbell has participated in cross-departmental training sessions with international law enforcement agencies, including the SAS and GIGN.

Psychological report

Within minutes of my first meeting with Specialist Campbell it was like being with an old friend. He has an easy-going manner. We joked over American football and our football – side note: look up the origins of the word “soccer.” I have 20 quid bet on it. […]

Reports repeatedly mention that Campbell is referred to as “papa bear” or “the diplomat” among the Rainbow operators. He described how he smoothed over a heated discussion between two operators the other night. It’s clear that he’s the team’s social glue. This, and his openness, means that Campbell can be grouped with any member of Rainbow. I’m not surprised that he’s the one with whom Specialist Eliza “Ash” Cohen feels the most comfortable. […]

His sense of fair play is clear in both his personal and professional life. I wondered if it was ever a struggle for him, given what he’s seen. Without hesitation he told me: His job is to protect those who can’t protect themselves. Beyond the sense of justice that motivates him, he has a desire to transform things for the better. […]

Our discussion explored his appreciation of his teammates, world cultures, and his love for the abused dogs he’s rescued. Campbell’s a curious person, someone who enjoys learning for learning’s sake: Habitually staying up late to watch any sort of documentary certainly makes him a kindred spirit for me. He draws his positive energy from his parents, who have been married 42 years and are still madly in love. Along with inheriting their work ethic, it’s their playfulness he tries to emulate. […]

Campbell is a hopeful person. He believes in the potential of people – all people – and wants to be an agent of change. He’s so concerned for others that he may overlook his own needs. I suspect this is what sparked his recent blow-up after a training exercise. His frustration with himself was evident. One of his strategies hadn’t played out the way he had hoped. Clearly, we need to make sure he gets as much encouragement as he offers to the others.

-- Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow


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