Operation Deadly Omen Battle Pass

From March 12th to June 10th

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The Battle Pass has evolved

Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass has evolved from a linear system into one with branching paths that now lets you can plan your progression and get the rewards you want faster.

  • Play matches to earn Battle Pass Tokens and Breach Charges.
  • Plan your path and use your Tokens to unlock tiles and get rewards (1 Token unlocks 1 tile).
  • Use Breach Charges to open up shortcuts to reach certain rewards even sooner (1 Breach Charge unblocks 1 Breach Path).
    Premium Pass holders get a reward from every tile alongside additional perks.

Unlock Deimos

The new villain Operator Deimos joins the Attackers to hunt down his opponents. In addition to his unique .44 Vendetta revolver, he uses the DeathMARK gadget, a flying probe which reveals both a designated target and Deimos’ locations for a set time or until one is eliminated.

Meet Deimos

Bravo Ticket

Still hunting for that one rare skin from Bravo packs? With this ticket, you can unlock any item of your choice from the Bravo pack inventory! Simply own the Premium Pass and reach level 100 to get this rare reward.

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Get 6,000 R6 Credits in value that includes: Unlocking Deimos instantly, 18 Bravo Packs, a Bravo ticket that unlocks any item from the Bravo pack pool, 600 R6 credits back, 10% store discount, the Apex Predator set for Mira, the animated Ethereal weapon skin for Jager, as well as the Apex Uniform for Maverick.


The Battle Pass includes free rewards unlockable for all players.


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