October 24, 2022

Terra Flora Tutorial (Spoilers ahead!)

Welcome to the tutorials for Terra Flora. These videos and texts will give you advice on how to win the main battles and solve the puzzles, allowing you to progress in the game. If you have already figured things out, these tutorials might help you find new ways to use your heroes and Sparks!

Of course, with the right strategy, any team would be able to complete battles, but certain combinations could give you an upper hand over enemies.

Please avoid reading any further if you would prefer to figure things out on your own.

The first thing you need to do on Terra Flora is to clear the Darkmess puddle blocking the path to the Everbloom Tree.


[MRSH] Terra Flora Tutorial - Foul Attraction

The Magnafowls on this map will do massive damage to enemies in close range. They will use their technique to draw your heroes in, so stay away! They are weak to Ooze and resistant to Shock.

Recommended team setup: Rabbid Luigi (Aquanox, Zephystar), Luigi (Zephyrquake, Ethering), Edge (Zephyrdash, Toxiquake)

  • Edge should have three points in Extra Dashes, Critical Dash, and dashes that increase her movement range
  • Luigi should have all points in his Technique Skill Tree, the rest in the Weapon Skill Tree
  • Rabbid Luigi should have full points in his Weapon Skill Tree

Tactical advice: Luigi's Steely Stare will get activated by enemies bouncing or rolling away, make sure to activate it before Rabbid Luigi or Edge take their turns.

Rabbid Luigi activating Zephystar or Aquanox can cause some serious havoc behind enemy lines and burst multiple water barrels in just one attack.

Edge can activate Zephyrdash and dash multiple enemies out of bounds which will also be making them move, for Luigi's Steely Stare to trigger.

As you enter the Everbloom tree, you will need to find your way using Beep-0's Scan and Wave powers. If you're ever stumped for what to do or where to go, try to see where the coin trails are leading and scan for invisible paths or objects. Breakable walls have cracks in them, keep an eye out for those as well! If the bridge you want to cross is scattered and purple, you can align it again by using Beep-0's Wave power on a nearby alignment rock. Beware that the bridges are linked and if one is aligned, another may scatter...


[MRSH] Terra Flora Tutorial - Ooze Inside the Everbloom

This battle will see you faced with a new enemy: Oozers. They can block your hero's Techniques and Spark Powers, or attacks, with their own technique! They will also poison your heroes with Ooze if they land a hit, making them take damage at the beginning of each turn. They are weak to Gust and resistant to Ooze.

Recommended team setup: Edge (Zephyrdash, Toxiquake), Rabbid Rosalina (Glitter, optional), Rabbid Mario (Optional, Zephystar)

  • Rabbid Rosalina has her full Technique tree, Ennui Dash, and three points in Dash damage
  • Edge has Critical Dash, dash increasing movement, and all upgrades in Extra Dashes.
  • Rabbid Mario has an Extra Dash, AOE Dash, Dash AOE range increase, and Movement range increase, the rest in his Weapon Skill Tree

Tactical advice: Glitter can attract all the first Oozers you see if it is Level 4 and your hero is standing in the right place.  Once they're all gathered up, it should be easy to dispose of them with Edge and Rabbid Mario. Dashes are key to this battle, both because your heroes are chosen and have their skills set to optimise them, but also because Oozers can't stop your heroes from using this ability.

Rabbid Rosalina can use Ennui or Ennui Dash to pacify any enemies remaining until you can deal with them.

After finishing the battle and meeting with Bea, Beep-0's Wave power has been upgraded. It will now affect some vegetation, allowing you to grow vine bridges to access areas you previously couldn't reach. Tap the button repeatedly to finish these bridges, one tap will not be sufficient. Exit the Everbloom Tree and make your way toward Central Station.


[MRSH] Terra Flora Tutorial - One Angry Wiggler

Recommended team setup: Rabbid Rosalina (Ethering, Glitter) Mario (Zephystar, Electroid), Rabbid Luigi (optional, Starburst)

  • Rabbid Rosalina has full points in her Technique Skill Tree, the rest in Movement (and Ennui Dash)
  • Rabbid Luigi has full points in his Weapon Skill Tree, the rest in Movement
  • Mario has Stomp, Extra Stomp, Stomp and Glide, and Jump Shot

Tactical advice:

After using Starburst, Rabbid Luigi can use the trampoline and a team jump to get closer to the enraged Wiggler, somewhere in the middle of the battlefield. Here he can attack both Sea Stooges and some Darkmess Eyes on the Enraged Wiggler at the same time. He excels at destroying multiple Darkmess Eyes at the same time in this battle, you should keep him mobile and protected!

By using the nearby trampoline, a team jump, and the further placed trampolines, Rabbid Rosalina can go all the way to the other end of the battlefield. Here she can attract all the enemies in the far end, including the Lone Wolf, with Glitter. She can then lock them into stasis using Ennui. She can keep them all controlled by alternating between Ennui and hiding from them with Ethering.

Mario can use Zephystar and Electroid to destroy Oozers and Sea Stooges at the other end of the battlefield compared to her, and use his supreme mobility and Dual Slinger to destroy Darkmess Eyes. 

After finishing this battle, you now need to make your way into Mt. Spout. Use the upgraded Wave function to get rid of the thorny obstacle in your path and enter the mountain. Use the Scan power to reveal the path forward or hidden objects, when necessary. Use the Wave power to break walls and remember you can't climb ladders if you're carrying something. You'll need to find a Rabbid pipe or get creative.


[MRSH] Terra Flora Tutorial - Metalheads

In this battle you'll face 17 Armored Goombas. They are immune to all types of damage, but you can get rid of them by dashing them and then throwing them or by taking help from Spark powers and bouncing them out of bonds.

Recommended team setup: Edge (Zephyrdash, Aquadash), Peach (Zephyrquake, Aquaquake), Rabbid Luigi (Aquanox, Zephystar)

  • Peach has an extra dash, Barrier Jump Assist, extra movement range, and the rest in her Technique Skill Tree
  • Edge has her full Movement Skill Tree, the rest in the Weapon Skill Tree
  • Rabbid Luigi has his full Weapon Skill Tree, the rest in his Movement Skill Tree

Tactical advice: Peach's Team Barrier is amazing to protect against the Armored Goomba dashes. She can also help punt Armored Goombas out of bounds with Zephyrquake's and Aquaquake's powers, while dashing and throwing others that get close.  

Edge's large number of dashes can be very useful in this battle. Combined with Aquadash or Zephyrdash, they can become even more useful in punting Armored Goombas out of bounds. Just make sure to aim!

Rabbid Luigi with Aquanox can cause havoc among the Armored Goombas, punting several out of bonds at the same time if the shot is aimed right.  

Once all the Armored Goombas have been punted away, you'll face another puzzle in exploration. The water spout puzzle is solved by placing rocks on the little water spouts, until the water has no choice but to help uncork the volcano! To achieve this, you need to move a lot of little rocks around. You can't carry them up or down ladders, but you can move them sideways or up/down by using the movable structures if you place the rock on top of them and then use the Wave Beep-0 power to activate the structure. Crates can also be used to plug water spouts.

However; the rock in your path isn't the only thing blocking the volcano. You'll also need to remove a Darkmess Puddle.


[MRSH] Terra Flora Tutorial - Sprout Forth

The objective of the battle in this puddle is to destroy the Darkmess Dams blocking the water from flowing, and you do this by throwing explosive potions at them. The potions spawn next to cauldrons on the battlefield. The main key to winning this battle is movement, so we have chosen a team of movement experts for it.

Recommended team setup: Rabbid Peach (Cryobolide, Vampastra) Mario (Pyrostar, Zephystar) Luigi (Electroid, Ethering)

  • Rabbid Peach has her full Technique Skill Tree and the rest in the Movement Skill Tree
  • Mario has his full Movement Skill Tree, the rest in his Weapon Skill Tree
  • Luigi has his full Movement Skill Tree, the rest in his Technique Skill Tree

Tactical advice: By using Luigi's extra team jump, you can go very far in one turn. Keep in mind that the cauldrons only spawn two potions per turn and that you might want to unlock some trampolines for even more mobility. Ethering can be a lifesaver in this battle as Luigi may have to cross enemy lines to reach a cauldron. When upgraded, Ethering will turn you invisible for several turns, making sure that Luigi remains safe.

You may have to go through the Evil Sight area of the Lone Wolves to reach the Darkmess Dams. You can either stop behind cover and wait for their technique to be on cooldown (1 turn) or use Rabbid Peach's Heal technique to recover your lost hit points and push forward. Having a few Super Mushrooms in your backpack can also help.

The Move Boost item is also supreme on this map, allowing you to reset the area of movement for your heroes in case you find yourself with a team jump partner or trampoline just out of reach to continue.

The Sparks chosen for your team are strong against the enemies on this map. Keep the enemies controlled or destroyed with their assistance to avoid being hit while you're moving around and blowing up the dams.

Be very mindful of the Depleter's Lifesteal and Counterattack abilities. If these enemies are surrounded by a purple aura, it means that they are going to retaliate when attacked.


We hope this advice has served you well! Use what you learned from these battles for any other challenges coming your way. Don’t forget to do the Spark quests on Terra Flora before advancing to Barrendale Mesa, the rescued Sparks will prove useful in future battles! 

Stay in touch and if you get stuck again you can find help here. You can also find us on @mariorabbids.

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