September 15, 2022

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope: a deep dive into exploration

Welcome back!

We hope you enjoyed the Ubisoft Forward show! We previously talked a lot about combat and hero archetypes, and now we are happy to reveal more about the vibrant planets you’ll be visiting in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope.

As you know, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope will let you delve into many worlds and environments with the freedom to explore as you wish. You will meet a cast of unforgettable characters. Some of them will give you missions to complete; others may present you with challenges or mysteries to uncover. Let’s take a look at the details.

Quests and puzzles:

[MRSH] A deep dive into exploration - NPC Researcher

A little bit off the beaten path of your main adventure, you’ll encounter a few intriguing characters who need help in various ways. If you decide to lend a hand, you’ll find they often have Sparks trapped in the same predicament as themselves, and those Sparks will be happy to join you in your journeys once you solve the conundrum.

As you explore, you’ll encounter obstacles in your path. You will learn to use Beep-0’s powers to uncover hidden passages or clear the way, but your heroes will also lend a hand in grabbing objects and moving them around to solve puzzles.

[MRSH] A deep dive into exploration - Rabbid Champion

Victor has prepared fishy challenges for you. As you can see, he has many medals. Can you really beat his personal best? If you do, the rewards will be worth it.

Mario and his friends love a coin challenge. Can you plan the best route, dash, run, and collect all the coins in the time allotted to you? Treasure awaits!

Planets and wardens:

[MRSH] A deep dive into exploration - Bad Weather

Beacon Beach is usually a vibrant and sunny place, but under Cursa’s hold, the planet has become rainy, gloomy, and infected by Darkmess. The self-proclaimed sun god of the planet, Augie, is a little bit embarrassed over this, as he accidentally did claim to be able to control the weather and now the residents of Beacon Beach really miss their beach parties. Will our heroes bring the sunshine back?

Frothy hot cocoa, deliciously melted fondue, and crisp, fresh snowfalls used to be what you could expect if you visited the Pristine Peaks before the Darkmess arrived. The snowstorm it brought will chill you to the very bone, and large parts of the mountains are now completely inhospitable. On top of that, it’s warden Capt. Orion has gone missing! This is a disaster for anyone planning their holidays. Our heroes simply must bring the cosy spirit back.

Home to naturally sparkling mineral water springs, the perennial flower prairie, and the beautiful Everblossom Tree, this green and usually flowery planet is struck by drought, caused by Cursa’s malevolent influence. To help the planet blossom again, Mario and his friends must find their way to the top of the water volcano Mt Spout. Sullivan drives the steam-powered Wiggler Train that will take them there.

This article is not entirely exhaustive. You will discover even more exploration options and planets later! We look forward to seeing your adventures through the galaxy.

Stay in touch as we gear up to launch on the 20th of October 2022. You can find us on @mariorabbids.

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