For Honor Y5S4: Frozen Shores

The people of Heathmoor were afflicted with rising waters and a devastating storm that flooded the landscape. Thankfully, the storm passed, and though the skies began to clear, a cold winter settled in. The high waters froze, and snow covered the terrain. Ships were stuck in the ice, which only added to the odd serenity that had befallen Heathmoor.

After so many hardships, so many battles and natural catastrophes, the people took this small respite as an opportunity to reconnect. After being separated for so long, friends and families were reunited once again, and everyone took the time to count their blessings, and celebrate. But amid the festivities, something unforeseen came from the frozen sea. A large ship with red sails reached the harbor, the herald of uncertainty – and intrigue.


Frost Wind Celebrations

Ho Ho Ho! It's that time of year again! Join Gryphon and the other heroes in the holiday festivities in For Honor's Frost Wind Celebrations from December 9th to the 30th. The Frost Wind season favorite Ice Brawlers is back, so be sure to play that or any other game mode to earn event exclusive rewards including Weapons, Effects, Ornaments, and Outfits. Included in this year's Frost Wind event pass is a holiday gift-giving emote. Use it in game to complete orders with your fellow warriors.

Testing Grounds

From December 30th to January 6th, the Testing Grounds will once again be opened to any hero able and willing to take part. Participate and test changes to Conqueror and a second interation of the Dominion game mode.

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New Seasonal Customization

The pirates that have arrived in Heathmoor call the waters they live on “home”. For a very long time, they traveled from one land to the next, trading with other cultures and accumulating ornaments and armors in their endless pursuit of wealth. They have now brought these items to the warriors of Heathmoor, who can outfit themselves with these treasures from afar.

Battle Pass

The rise of the waters during the Tempest and the subsequent winter allowed seafaring pirates passage to the frozen shores of Heathmoor. These pirates had no allegiance to any faction – they only cared about treasure. In their pursuit of wealth, they began trading with the people, offering warriors access to new weapons from across the sea.

Take your character through a journey of 100 Tiers of rewards for all heroes! Available during For Honor Y5S4: Frozen Shores only.

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Battle Pass

For centuries, the Yokai lay dormant in their cave. But after a chasm was formed in the seal of their cage, these malevolent demons are now free to haunt the swamps of the Myre once more. From the depths of their cavernous prison, weapons from the past are found. Bearing the markings of these vicious spirits, these weapons are ready to be wielded by only the bravest of warriors – those willing to face the Yokai and cast them back to their hellish realm. This season, take your hero through Yokai horrors in the Myre and unlock 100 Tiers of rewards for all heroes! Available during For Honor Y6S3: The Demon Dagger only.

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New Hero: Pirate

After a string of dramatic climate changes, a new territory opened itself to the Pirates. For a very long time, they have traveled the seas and now, they have finally set their sights on Heathmoor. Armed with their signature cutlass and pistol, the only language the Pirates speak is of combat and chaos. No ship, harbor or warrior is safe from their ferocity.