For Honor Y6S3: The Demon Dagger

Something has awakened in the Myre. For centuries, a cavern at the heart of the swamps was sealed off until a fissure split open. Ancient Samurai once knew the truth of the cave, but the echo of their warnings had faded across the ages to a whisper. It was a prison. Now demons, once banished to the bowels of the earth, have escaped. And after their long, unholy hibernation, the Yokai hunger.

Motoori noticed small signs first. The young Orochi was the first to warn of the villagers’ strange behavior. Honorable Nobushi babbled and cursed. Aramusha bent and twisted impossibly. At length, the eyes of the Samurai took on pale glows – the last mutation before their massacre on Temple Garden. By then the Yokai’s possession was complete. To save the survivors, Motoori told them of another fable: the Mamono Dagger, a mythical blade said to trap spirits of the Yokai. But the demon dagger bears a terrible cost... and none are worse cut than its wielder.

News & Noteworthy

  • 1 Min Read

    Patch Notes 2.39.2 - For Honor

    [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Kensei Front Dodge Light hit reaction to cause Medium reaction, now causes Heavy hit reaction

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  • 1 Min Read

    Patch Notes 2.39.1 - For Honor

    BUG FIXES FIGHTERS Kensei · [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Kensei to inflict medium hit reactions on Heavy Attacks, it is now properly set to heavy hit reactions

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  • 12 Min Read

    Patch Notes 2.39.0 - For Honor

    Crossplay Phase 2 is LIVE! Players can now group with their friends from any platform. Here is how it works in 3 easy steps:

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  • 5 Min Read

    Y6S3 TU2 Testing Grounds

    For Y6S3 TU2’s Testing Grounds, running from November 17th to November 24th, we will be testing a system level change focusing on the balancing of dodge attacks.

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  • 5 Min Read

    Warrior's Den Recap, October 13th 2022

    Starting October 20th, Y6S3TU2 will bring frightening visuals and terrors beyond belief. Brace yourself as stories will unfold that will continue to enrich and haunt the world of For Honor.

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    Warrior's Den - Twitch Drops

    Twitch Drops will once again be activated during our Warrior’s Den to celebrate the launch of the new title update!

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    PS4: 1.3 Gb, Xbox One: 1.6 Gb, PC: 1.6 Gb IMPROVEMENTS New Side Dodge Attacks

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    Warrior's Den Recap - September 13th, 2022

    Starting September 15th, Y6S3: The Demon Dagger brings new elements and stories to the world of For Honor for this third season of Year 6: Lost Horizons.

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  • 9 Min Read

    Y6S3 TU Testing Grounds

    Starting September 15, a new Testing Grounds starts so all players can test incoming changes to Valkyrie and Tiandi.

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  • 6 Min Read

    Crossplay Phase 2 FAQ

    Crossplay Phase 2 is coming October 20th. Phase 2 will allow our players to group and play with cross platform friends.

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    For Honor - Twitch Drops are Back!

    To celebrate the launch of the new season, Y6S3: The Demon Dagger, we’ll be activating Twitch Drops!

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    Battle of the Eclipse - Throwback Event

    The Battle of the Eclipse event has returned and will run from September 1st to September 8th.

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After a great cataclysm, 3 of the fiercest warrior factions in history clash in an epic battle for survival. Join the war as a bold Knight, brutal Viking, or deadly Samurai and fight for your faction’s honor. Carve a path of destruction across the battlefield in this fast-paced thriller that mixes skill with visceral melee combat.

Single Player Game Modes

FH Training Mode


This single player mode includes Training Media, Apprentice Trials, Warrior Trials, and a Training Arena.


Playable as single-player and two-player co-op.


Unlimited single player and 2-person co-op PVE content. Coming with the Marching Fire Update on October 16.

Multiplayer Game Modes


Teams fight to take control of various Offerings dispersed on the map.


4v4 objective-based mode where teams fight for three different zones to control the battlefield.


Best of five rounds 1v1 mode.


Best of five rounds 2v2 mode.


4v4 team deathmatch-like mode with AI.


4v4 mode where the best of five rounds wins!


Defend the Castle or take down the Lord Commander in 4v4 strategic multiplayer mode. Coming with the Marching Fire Update on October 16.

Recommended content

Battle Pass

For centuries, the Yokai lay dormant in their cave. But after a chasm was formed in the seal of their cage, these malevolent demons are now free to haunt the swamps of the Myre once more. From the depths of their cavernous prison, weapons from the past are found. Bearing the markings of these vicious spirits, these weapons are ready to be wielded by only the bravest of warriors – those willing to face the Yokai and cast them back to their hellish realm. This season, take your hero through Yokai horrors in the Myre and unlock 100 Tiers of rewards for all heroes! Available during For Honor Y6S3: The Demon Dagger only.

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New Hero: Pirate

After a string of dramatic climate changes, a new territory opened itself to the Pirates. For a very long time, they have traveled the seas and now, they have finally set their sights on Heathmoor. Armed with their signature cutlass and pistol, the only language the Pirates speak is of combat and chaos. No ship, harbor or warrior is safe from their ferocity.

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