For Honor Y6S2: Curse of the Scarab

In the aftermath of the Great Cataclysm, the fearless Raider Bolthorn Raven-Hands embarked on a quest to restore his clan’s glory. Long had his people known hardship, and he journeyed to distant lands in search of treasure that might ease their suffering. No prize was so great as the Scarab Bracelet. The crowning jewel of a lost civilization, the relic’s magic promised to fill Valkenheim’s tables with meat and mead once more. And so Bolthorn betrayed a friend to steal it.

On his return, an odd sickness took hold of the Viking. Fell omens seemed to stalk his every step. Strange weather ravaged Valkenheim and the land’s meagre harvest withered. The phenomena spread across Heathmoor, its people falling like grass before the scythe. Doomed to deliver death rather than salvation, Bolthorn tried to cast off the Scarab Bracelet to no avail. It had found a new home.

News & Noteworthy

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    For Honor Into The Fray 2022

    Announced on our previous Warrior’s Den, we are proud to announce that “Into the Fray” returns! For four weekends starting August 13th, there will be online 4v4 Dominion tournaments that will take place around all platforms with a total prize pool of $10

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    For Honor Friend Referral

    The Friend Referral Program gives you the possibility to invite your friends on the For Honor battlefield and to earn rewards by doing so!

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    For Honor Free Week

    Greetings fellow Warriors! The Standard Edition of For Honor will be free to try this week (on selected platforms). Warriors who wish to try For Honor will be able to do so this Thursday July 28th up to Wednesday August 3rd

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    Patch Notes 2.37.1 - For Honor

    When his friend Bolthorn stole the Scarab Bracelet from the desert kingdom, Neferkha knew what would happen next.

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    Warrior's Den Recap - July 21st

    In this Warrior’s Den recap article, we will go over all of the Title Update 2 goodies: New Hero, Throwback Events, Hero Fests, Patch Notes, Testing Grounds Update, and a Competitive Update

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    For Honor - Twitch drops are back!

    To celebrate the launch of the Medjay hero, we’ll be activating Twitch Drops! Here is all the information you need to know.

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    Testing Grounds Article June 30th

    From June 30th to July 7th, take part in Y6S2’s Testing Grounds. This time around, we’re not testing character-specific changes, but a system-wide change that should have a large impact on the game as a whole – Guardbreak Vulnerability, in chains as well

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    Patch Notes 2.36.3 - For Honor

    PS4: 7.6 Mb, Xbox One:* 7.6 *Mb, PC: 7.6 Mb

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    Warrior’s Den Recap – June 9th

    In this Warrior’s Den recap article, we will mainly go over what Title Update 1 has to offer: the Bolthorn Hero Skin, the Justice of the Pharaohs, event and more!

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    For Honor Year 6 Season 2: Fight Update

    Hello warriors! Today we’re unveiling what the Fight Team has been working on related to our heroes for Year 6, Season 2.

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    Tune into Y6S2 Warrior’s Den for Twitch Drops!

    Twitch Drops will once again be activated during our Warrior’s Den to celebrate the launch of the new season, Y6S2: Cursed of the Scarab!

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    Heralds Of Chimera (June 2nd - June 9th)

    Heralds of Chimera, the game mode of the Chimera Banquet event will be available from June 2nd to June 9th.

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After a great cataclysm, 3 of the fiercest warrior factions in history clash in an epic battle for survival. Join the war as a bold Knight, brutal Viking, or deadly Samurai and fight for your faction’s honor. Carve a path of destruction across the battlefield in this fast-paced thriller that mixes skill with visceral melee combat.

Single Player Game Modes

FH Training Mode


This single player mode includes Training Media, Apprentice Trials, Warrior Trials, and a Training Arena.


Playable as single-player and two-player co-op.


Unlimited single player and 2-person co-op PVE content. Coming with the Marching Fire Update on October 16.

Multiplayer Game Modes


Teams fight to take control of various Offerings dispersed on the map.


4v4 objective-based mode where teams fight for three different zones to control the battlefield.


Best of five rounds 1v1 mode.


Best of five rounds 2v2 mode.


4v4 team deathmatch-like mode with AI.


4v4 mode where the best of five rounds wins!


Defend the Castle or take down the Lord Commander in 4v4 strategic multiplayer mode. Coming with the Marching Fire Update on October 16.

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Battle Pass

To bring glory back to his clan, Bolthorn Raven-Hands ventured west, far from Heathmoor. Exploring lands of desert and sand, the Viking found the ruins of a fallen civilization forgotten by time. Along with the mystical Scarab Bracelet, Bolthorn has brought back ancient weapons as mighty gifts for his people, with the promise that the distant past will help them shape their future. Survive an ancient Egyptian curse with 100 Tiers of rewards for all heroes! Available during For Honor Y6S2: Curse of the Scarab.

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New Hero: Pirate

After a string of dramatic climate changes, a new territory opened itself to the Pirates. For a very long time, they have traveled the seas and now, they have finally set their sights on Heathmoor. Armed with their signature cutlass and pistol, the only language the Pirates speak is of combat and chaos. No ship, harbor or warrior is safe from their ferocity.

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