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Embrace the gritty experience of an improvised modern-day guerrilla and take down a Dictator and his son to free Yara.


Become a Guerilla

Play Dani Rojas as male or female, and experience a compelling storyline that takes you from being a reluctant citizen to a leader fighting against Anton's regime.

All new fangs for hire

No guerrilla should go at it alone. Pair up with all-new animal companions like Chorizo, the adorable wiener dog no enemy soldier can ignore, and Guapo, Juan’s hungry pet crocodile.

Power of an Army

Employ an arsenal of devastating makeshift weapons to give Anton's troops a taste of guerrilla ingenuity.

Full Co-op

Bring a friend along for the fight as Far Cry 6 is available in co-op with shared progressions for both players.



From forced Yaran army recruit to guerilla leader, become Dani Rojas and fight a corrupt regime to restore the island nation of Yara.


A reluctant son who is also eager to please, Diego aims to follow the lessons passed down by his dictator father.


With Yara's liberation as her only goal, this fierce leader seeks to bring down Anton's regime.


With plenty of experience fighting against governments, this former KGB spymaster can give you the advantage with his arsenal of signature backpacks.

Season Pass

Embrace the Far Cry legacy and play as the villains with the FAR CRY® 6 Season Pass. In three separate DLC episodes, take control of Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min and Joseph Seed (all played by the original cast) and fight to escape their twisted minds. Also includes the critically acclaimed FAR CRY® 3: Blood Dragon Classic Edition

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