HITRECORD Partnership

Direct from the Ubisoft and HITRECORD teams! Learn about what’s behind the BGE2 x HITRECORD partnership and how it fits perfectly with the Space Monkey Program’s community-driven approach and natural progression toward collaborative creation.

A Collaborative Creative Process

HITRECORD's approach to collaborative creation is inspiring and aligns perfectly with the Space Monkey philosophy of transparency and participation in the development process. By partnering with HITRECORD, the community can tap into HITRECORD's production pipeline and resources to start creating, collaborating and contributing right away.

Check out this video if you’d like to know more about the ins and out of creative communities working together and how HITRECORD's collaborative creative process and platform fully support the “Participate” part of the Space Monkey Program.


The first two rounds of community-created art and music has been finalized and delivered to the BGE2 team for integration into the game. We got some really amazing stuff! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the various final projects: more than 18 songs, 20 stingers, and 50 images for the world of Beyond Good and Evil 2.

For more information about the Payment Proposals process, please check out the Payments FAQ below or visit HITRECORD’s BGE2 Community Collaboration site.

From the start of the Space Monkey Program, we in the Beyond Good and Evil 2 dev team have wanted to include the community in the development of the game as much as possible. Our partnership with HITRECORD does just that by allowing our talented Space Monkeys and the HITRECORD community to work together to create art and music and contribute directly to the game!

Whether you’re a musical composer, writer, illustrator, singer, graphic artist, or someone with big ideas and a lot of passion… we want you for BGE2! To get started right away, click below and get collaborating with other HITRECORD and Space Monkey artists on the Beyond Good and Evil 2 Production.