Announcing the R6 North Rainbow Rumble

Announcing the R6 North Rainbow Rumble

June 19, 2023

Following the introduction of R6 Central Combine, we are happy to reveal the second European Off-Season tournament: the R6 North Rainbow Rumble!

This competition will provide teams with another chance to compete against opponents from across Europe, improve their skills and make a name for themselves in R6 Esports.

The tournament will take place between July 1 and August 27 2023, with a €40,000 cash prize.

And now let's go into more detail about how the competition will operate:

Table of content:

-              Format Explainer

-              Timeline & Sign-up links

format explainer

Phase 1: Qualifiers

Qualifiers will be split into 4 phases allowing different entry points for teams depending on their region and previous competitive standing.

All open qualifiers will operate a scaling format to accommodate up to 128 teams. This will be detailed in the full rulebook.

Residency will be checked via a verification system.

Qualifier Stages

1.            BLAST Europe Team Qualifier

2.            Northern EU Open Qualifier

3.            EU Open Qualifier

4.            Closed Qualifier

Stage 1 - Blast EU Team Qualifier

Teams that competed in Stage 1 of the Blast Europe League 2023 competition will be invited to compete. 2 Teams will progress to the Phase 2 Group Stage.

Stage 2 - Northern EU Open Qualifier

Open to any teams with 3 out 5 players on the starting roster residing in the following countries:

  • Sweden

  • Norway

  • Finland

  • Denmark

  • United Kingdom

  • Ireland

  • Iceland

  • Faroe Islands

6 Teams will progress to the Stage 4: Closed Qualifiers.

Stage 3 - EU Open Qualifier

Open to any teams with any composition of players from the EU region.

6 Teams will progress to the Stage 4: Closed Qualifiers

Stage 4 - Closed Qualifier

Teams with licenses from the previous Northern Premier League 2022 Season, The UK and Ireland Nationals 2023 Winner, The Nordic Championship 2022/23 Winner, and any teams due to play in relegations will be invited to compete in the closed qualifier alongside the teams who have progressed from the open qualifier stages. Meaning a total of up to 24 teams competing at this stage

10 Teams will progress to the Phase 2 Group Stage

Phase 2: Group Stage

After the qualifiers are complete, the Rumble will be officially underway with a classic group format.

12 Teams will be split into 2 groups of 6 to compete in a round robin format.

The top 2 teams from each group will progress to the Phase 3 Playoffs

Phase 3: Playoffs

In the final phase of the tournament 4 teams will now compete in a double elimination bracket to crown the first ever R6 North Rainbow Rumble Champions!


For the Northern competition we will be broadcasting all the games from the group and playoffs phases from an official Ubisoft channel.

Community streams will be encouraged and promoted for the qualifier stages.

In addition, we will also support alternative language community streams of all phases. You can apply for this by joining our official discord R6 North Discord server and heading to the community streams channel. Link:

We will also be allowing select co-streamers during the groups and playoffs stages of the competition. Applications for this will be shared at a later date.


Phase 1:

Phase 2:

-              02.08.: Group Stage Playday 1

-              03.08.: Group Stage Playday 2

-              09.08.: Group Stage Playday 3

-              10.08.: Group Stage Playday 4

-              16.08.: Group Stage Playday 5

-              17.08.: Group Stage Playday 6

Phase 3:

-              26.08 & 27.08.: Playoffs and Finals