League Start and Brazil Super Cup mark the beginning of Brazil's Tier 2 competitions

League Start and Brazil Super Cup mark the beginning of Brazil's Tier 2 competitions

June 26, 2024


The League Start is the gateway for new talent to the Rainbow Six: Siege scene in Brazil, a country that recently celebrated its world title. In 2024, more than 700 teams dreamed of ascending to the national and international stages, but only 14 managed to secure a place in the Brazilian Super Cup, with eight keeping their hopes of winning alive. The League champion not only emerges as a new force in the sport, but also guarantees a place in the BR Premier Finals and takes home the majority of the R$ 90.000,00 prize pool.

League Start Finals

[R6ES] BRAZIL T2 CIRCUIT - 2024/2025 - playoffs

Elevate Academy vs Los Galos (Best of 3) - 01/07/24 18hs BRT https://www.twitch.tv/rainbow6br

ELES vs E1 Academy (Best of 3) - 01/07/24 21hs BRT https://www.twitch.tv/rainbow6br

7REX vs STELLAE (Best of 3) - 02/07/24 18hs BRT https://www.twitch.tv/rainbow6br

W7M Academy vs VASCO R6 (Best of 3) - 02/07/24 21hs BRT https://www.twitch.tv/rainbow6br

Semifinal 03/07/24 18hs BRT and Grand Final - Best of 3 07/07/24 13hs https://www.twitch.tv/rainbow6br

Prize Pool Total R$ 90.000,00 1º Place R$20.000,00 - BR Premier Finals slot. 2º Place R$16.000,00 3º - 4º Place - R$12.000,00  5º to 8º Place - R$7.500,00


The adrenaline rises in the Brazilian Super Cup, where the 14 elite teams from the League Start face the titans of the Brazilian Rainbow Six scene. The competition is not only for a generous prize of R$ 200.000,00 but also for the title of best team in the country. In addition to the prestige, the winner of the Super Cup secures their place in the BR Premier Finals , reinforcing the crucial role of this tournament in strengthening the national competitive scene.

[R6ES] BRAZIL T2 CIRCUIT - 2024/2025 - supercup

Total Prize: R$ 270,000.00

Winner guarantee spot for BR Premier Finals

Detailed information on Challenger Mode and Gamers Club R6


The League Start and the Brazil Super Cup are crucial routes to reaching the BR Premier Finals , where teams have the opportunity to compete at the highest national level. Four teams from Tier 2 gain the right to participate: the League Start champion, the Brazil Super cup champion and the top two from the Last Chance Qualifier. This final event is the arena where Tier 2 teams can truly test their skills against the best in Tier 1, highlighting the essential role of these tournaments in identifying and promoting future Brazilian esports stars.

Total prize pool - R$420,000.00 Bracket Single Elimination BO3 Blast R6 Group B 2º vs. Last Chance Qualifier Tier 2 (2º) Blast R6 Group A 3º vs. Brazil Super Cup Winner Blast R6 Group A 2º vs. Last Chance Qualifier Tier 2 (1º) Blast R6 Group B 3º vs. League Start Winner

Gamers Club

The Gamers Club plays a fundamental role in this process. In partnership with Ubisoft, both work to hold Rainbow Six Siege championships . One of the most successful scenarios for Brazil in esports joins the gaming platform that aims precisely to foster talent through its own tournaments. The objective of the agreement is to increase the visibility of minor leagues and boost players to the highest level.

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