December 2022 Transfer Window: Roster Pre-Registration update

December 09, 2022 · 3 minutes read

As we announced in September, and in preparation of the changes coming to Rainbow Six Esports in 2023, the last Transfer Window of 2022 will allow organizations competing in the Rainbow Six Esports Global Circuit to pre-register their rosters for the 2023 season. This pre-registration process is meant to facilitate their transition into the new circuit which we will reveal more about on December 12th. The Players and Coaches of the pre-registered rosters for the 2023 season will not be allowed to compete with the organizations they are pre-registered with before the start of the 2023 season.

Here are the rules structuring these roster pre-registrations.

  • Transfer window timeframe: December 10 to January 5

  • Pre-registering a Roster allows a Team to sign Players and/or a Coach during the December 2022 mid-season Transfer Window with a starting date of their contract set during the February 2023 off-season Transfer Window (between February 20th and March 5th). A pre-registered Player or Coach already part of another Team competing in the Rainbow Six Esports Global Circuit is allowed to compete with their current team until the start of their new contract at the beginning of the February 2023 off-season.

  • As pre-registered transfers aim to facilitate Teams' transition into the 2023 season of Rainbow Six Esports, those transfers are considered off-season transfers and a Team is therefore authorized to pre-register up to 7 new Players as well as a new Coach in a Roster.

  • The process for a Player or Coach transfer in the context of a Roster's pre-registration is the same as for any other transfer. If the Player or Coach is a Free Agent Player, communication can occur between the Player or Coach and the License Holder and/or Team Point of Contact of the Team looking to sign them. If a Player or Coach is already registered with a Team, communication can only be initiated by a License Holder and/or Team Point of Contact, with the License Holder and/or Team Point of Contact of the Team they are registered with.

  • Pre-Registered rosters for the 2023 season must be submitted to Ubisoft and the Team's regional Tournament Operating partner by the end of the December 2022 mid-season Transfer Window, on January 5th at 9AM CET. Players or Coaches pre-registered with a roster at the end of this Transfer Window will be marked as pre-registered with this Team for the purpose of updating the Contract Database ahead of the 2023 off-season Transfer Window. Note that section 4.5 of the Global Rulebook still applies to any aspects of Pre-Registered transfers that are not mentioned in these rules.

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