14 March 2019

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In The Division 2, you will be able to explore 3 distinct Dark Zones, which are unique areas that mix PVP and PVE experiences. While in the Dark Zone, you will play with 11 other agents: each one of them could be an ally or an enemy.

In order to unlock each Dark Zone, you have to play an introduction mission. After completing this mission, the moment you go in is up to you. Be sure to have skills and weapons slots unlocked before entering. Your level does not matter because agents are normalized in order to ensure fairness and player inclusion.

In the Dark Zone, as the rest of the game, you can play solo or as a squad. However, going alone can be dangerous.

2019-03-14 [News] Tips & Tutorials 07 - Dark Zones 2

This is what you can do in the Dark Zone:

  • Find great loot: In the Dark Zones you can acquire 2 kinds of loot: normal items and contaminated items. Contaminated items need to be extracted from an extraction point highlighted on the map. You will need to secure this point before extracting your loot. Contaminated loot is often a high-quality loot, but other agents can steal it to you if they kill you before extraction.
  • Go "Rogue": In The Division 2, there are 3 status of Rogue Agents.

The first one is "Rogue". It is all about greed, by picking locked chests, hijack extractions, steal dropped loot, ... The second one is "Disavowed". Once players start killing other agents, they have disavowed The Division and they enter in this new status. The third status is "Manhunt". You will have to kill many agents in order to enter this status. This status is dangerous, all the other players will try to stop you, be the potential reward worth it.

  • Earn Dark Zone XP: Playing in the Dark Zone allows you to earn special XP, which will unlock perks in order to be stronger.

Dark Zones are unique PVP and PVE areas. They are dangerous, impressive and hostile, but performing in it will allow you to become a stronger agent thanks to high-level loot.

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