14 March 2019

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When you reach level 30, the last mission will unlock and, post that, endgame will truly start.

Endgame is the beginning of a new long-term adventure for you.

Here is what awaits you:

  • Black Tusks: After the last main mission of The Division 2, you will encounter the Black Tusks. This new faction will invade the entire map of Washington D.C. Your job, as a Division agent, is now to push back this new fierce enemy.
  • Specializations: The last mission will allow you to reach level 30 and to unlock the Endgame. Before facing the Black Tusks, you will be able to choose between 3 specializations for your agent: Sharpshooter, Survivalist or Demolitionist. Each specialization comes with a Signature weapon, an ability tree and gives you access to a special side arm. Specializations offer you new tactical possibilities that will be needed in order to achieve the game most demanding challenges.
  • Invaded Missions: The Black Tusks will invade the entire map in Endgame. You will have the option to revisit The Division 2 main missions in which you will face this new enemy, stronger and more organized than ever.
  • Gear Score: Once you go past level 30, the progression shifts over to your gear score. The higher the score the stronger you are. Your Gear Score depends on the quality of your equipment.
  • Replayable missions: The Black Tusks have taken over the strongholds of the other factions. It means that each faction will aggressively attempt to take back these strongholds. It is your role to fight against them.
  • World Tier: To reach a new World Tier, you will need to take down invaded strongholds. Each World Tier is harder than the previous one, but rewards are also scaled up. It's worth the challenge.
  • Bounties: A special NPC, called "Jared Nash", will give bounties. You will have more than 50 targets: each one will be rewarded with a special loot.
  • World Events: the Black Tusks interfere with world events. They can for example put Settlements under siege. It will make fast travel impossible until you lift the siege.

This is just the beginning of The Division 2 endgame content. The experience will receive free and massive updates during the Year 1.

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