26 November 2020

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Agent Highlights - Unbelievable sights

Greetings Agents,

As we start to get closer to the end of 2020, we are bringing you some fantastic Agent Highlights shared across our socials for the month of November. We are lucky to have such a talented and creative community and we love taking time out of our day to show our appreciation.

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On Reddit we came across these pencil sketches from u/whereisthesushi and instantly fell in love with the design of the Agents. The female SHD agent is named “Flume” and is alongside her male counterpart “Talon”. We would absolutely love to see more sketches in the future.


Having a browse on Instagram we came across this artwork by the talented art_of_bray. The artwork represents the character they play in The Division 2, and they created the digital painting using a Cintiq 16. We love the colour scheme, the attention to detail and that arm sleeve! Who doesn’t love a good set of tattoos? We would love to see more in action shots of your agent at work, Danian!


The vibes given from Theo Parnell In the rain is so refreshing from home.and.minor which we located on Instagram. Since his inclusion in the game we have seen fans re-create his presence in several different ways and this could be a personal favourite. In the words of Stormzy we can imagine Theo singing “Let the rain fall on my enemies”.

Agent Highlights | Cosplay Divider


As we hit Halloween, we had many Agents dressing up in their SHD Agent apparel, playing around with spooky lighting and sharing their creations across the social channels. Here is one of our favourites from u/CrimsonxAce. It’s safe to say this took the community by storm, and many people upvoted the craftmanship and effort of this cosplay. Nice work agent! We salute you.

Agent Mab

We were absolutely blown away by this photo of Agent_Mab and friend jonelang! They managed to re-create The Summit elevator, complete with the The Summit Logo! The creativity behind this sure did get us smiling when we saw this photo!


@Moonlight1907 and @nohopeoutthere have once again knocked it out the park with their recent Warlords of New York photoshoot. Going rogue and being a Hunter has never looked so good! Some of us might even be willing to turn to the dark side after seeing these well put together photos by @Wolnir_cosplay and @cosplay_scp048. Our cosplay community always know how to bring the game to life in the most extraordinary of ways.

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In last month’s article we had Division themed cookies, so it would only make sense to carry the baking theme on into November. Once again, we are left hungry whilst looking at these beautiful backpack trophy inspired cookies. We wonder if they tasted as good as they look. Do let us know @TDDarkzone!


Now from the baked goods to the real thing, check out this actual backpack trophy created by @Neminghway. The time and dedication that has went into creating this replica of the in-game backpack trophy was noticed by our team and the Creative Director himself, Julian Gerighty. When and where can we buy one?


In-game Photography is something which is becoming more common in the gaming community and it is almost becoming an art form in our The Division Community. These photos from Chris, show the vibrant different colour schemes and environments present in The Division 2. They also feel quite Christmassy, which is right on point as we head towards December. These shots in particular are from The Summit, the new PvE game mode which many of you have been challenging yourself in.


We are lucky to have active communities in both The Division and The Division 2, and we see an uptick in The Division related content during the winter months. These two shots are by @virtualHeda and would make a perfect phone wallpaper. The shots were titled “A song of fire and Ice” which of course we can understand and get behind.


It’s no secret that many in our team loves cats, and it would only seem fitting to showcase this photo from @caffeinatedWC featuring a cat somewhere in the background; can you find it? Forget “Where’s Wally”, it’s all about “Where’s the kitty cat”?!


Lastly we leave you with this beauty from @rapier17 showing the “sombre streets of New York” in a beautiful black and white photo. The framing and lighting is “spot on”. Pun intended.

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For our Team Favourite we absolutely must give a shout out to @E_jUVEII for their impressive efforts in reaching not 1000 SHD points but 10,000!! Now that you know it’s possible, can you do it?

Now we leave the challenge with you, it’s time to wrap up this month’s Agent Highlights. If you would like to be featured in out Agent Highlight Articles, make sure to tweet your creations with the hashtag #AgentHighlights. See you in December.

Signing off.

/The Division Community Team

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