27 November 2020

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This Week in The Division 2 – November 27


Phase 1 of the Title Update 12 PTS (Public Test Server) opened on November 27 for Phase 2 and will close on December 2. We covered the biggest changes in our November 20 recap, but you can find the full patch notes for Phase 2 on our forums.

For Phase 2, we’re looking specifically for feedback on the improvements that have been made to the Scorpio and Capacitor Exotics, the PDR weapon type, as well as the other tweaked gear such as the Big Horn.

We hope to see your discussions and feedback on these changes and more on our official PTS forums.

You can find other agents to jump into the PTS alongside or to talk about the changes with on our Discord server, where we have channels for all types of players across the globe.

TCTD2 S4 Screenshot Gear Weapon PDR Logo 960x540


The Division 2: Warlords of New York; Season 3 – Concealed Agenda enters its final chapter with the last League of the season; the Belfry League. The Belfry League will continue until the end of the season on December 8, with a reset to all challenges on December 1.

This League will pit you against the Outcasts, with time trials on DCD Headquarters, Federal Emergency Bunker, and Potomac Event Center on Hard and Manning National Zoo on Challenging. Additionally, there are challenges to blind Outcasts and eliminate faction Elites.

Complete challenges to earn ranks and rewards throughout the League, with the Belfry arm patch as the Tier 1 Reward, an Exotic Cache at Tier 9, and The Eye backpack trophy at Tier 10.


Bardon Schaeffer, one of the last remaining leaders of Black Tusk and the Prime Target of Season 3, is now revealed. Eliminate his 4 lieutenants, Shade, Wraith, Dusk, and Belfry to locate him and take him out.

Bringing down Schaeffer will net you the Shrapnel Trap skill variant; a close-range powerhouse and brutal method to control a battlefield.

The Shrapnel Trap will still be available after Season 3 ends through gameplay means.

S3 Manhunt Portrait Schaeffer


Check out our Agent Highlights for the month of November, featuring cosplay, cookies, and other incredible creations from The Division community!

A routine maintenance was performed on November 24 that featured no player-facing changes. A snapshot of your agents from this maintenance will be available for use in Phase 2 of the PTS.

We have a list of Known Issues that we are actively investigating. More information will be provided on these as solutions are found.

That’s it for this week and we wish a happy Thanksgiving to all our stateside agents!

Until next time,

/ The Division 2 Development Team

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