9 November 2017

Motocross Discipline


Having kick-started our series of Discipline articles off with a nod to Street racing, this week we’re heading off the beaten track for some fun with the Off-Road Family – more specifically, the Motocross Discipline!


Set in countryside locations throughout the US, Motocross (MX) will simultaneously challenge your bike handling skills, both on the dirt and in the air.

From the starting grid to the checkered flag, you’ll have three laps to stay ahead of seven other riders and try to cross the finish line first. But the difficulty doesn’t just come from your competitors; the circuit itself can also make or break you.

Every race combines unique track profiles and sharp bends, to ensure it’s never easy to shake your competitors. The harder the race, the narrower the track and the tighter the turns.

And that’s just when your wheels are on the ground, because it wouldn’t be Motocross without a healthy dose of jumps thrown into the mix as well! From classic singles, doubles and triples, through whoops to table and camel jumps, we can guarantee you’ll get plenty of air-time.


Careful, though… air-time also means landing, and with dynamic weather that can affect your grip on already challenging terrain, you’ll need to judge the optimum time to take your bike to the skies.

That being said, once you’re in the air you can be sure that the view will be worth it. From the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the deserts of Nevada, locations are dressed to impress with breath-taking scenery and screenshot-worthy vistas!

That’s it for Motocross, gear heads! Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about this Discipline with us on our official channels, and we’ll see you next time.

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