27 October 2017

Street Race Discipline

Greetings, Petrolheads!

The Crew 2 is all about total freedom to get to the pinnacle of the American Motorsports scene your way. Cars, bikes, boats, planes… whatever the engine, you can become a champion by racing to the top.

In the original The Crew we used Specs to help you conquer all types of terrain. This time, we’re taking things a step further with The Crew 2’s Disciplines. Each one has its own feel, look and style, but more than that, Disciplines are our way to allow you to scratch whichever motor-fueled itch you may have!

Split across our four Families – Street Racing, Pro Racing, Off Road and Freestyle – Disciplines all center around specific types of vehicles and terrain, and offer dedicated events, customization, and more.

Over the coming months, we’d like to start going into more detail on the various Disciplines available. From Rally Raid to Aerobatics, via the choppy waters of Powerboat racing, we’ve got something for everyone.

Without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling with one of the classics: Street Race.


As many of you know, this adrenaline-pumping Discipline takes place on a mixture of narrow downtown lanes and faster, traffic-filled roads. Typically of medium length, Street races focus more on quick reflexes, handling and control than on hitting the highest speed.

The environment is akin to a city maze, with tight turns, traffic avoidance and obstacle dodging. And while navigation can be tricky, the goal of the Street Race Discipline remains simple: to cross the finish line first!


Shortcuts are a Street Racer’s best friend, and can clinch victory from defeat by giving you that extra second’s advantage. They come in many forms, be it narrow back-alleys or ramps and rooftops, and each with different flavors to keep you on your toes!

Scaling from high risk/high reward, to easier and more obvious options, you’ll typically find at least one shortcut in each race. With this in mind, the dev team has studied feedback from the community to ensure that both these and checkpoints are optimally positioned from a balancing perspective. ***

Speaking of balancing, the AI difficulty has now been reworked to scale with your vehicle performance and progression level. So not only will you have to watch out for varying degrees of traffic density, you’ll also need to keep an eye on the other racers whatever the stakes or setting.

And yes, setting does matter, because you’ll be racing through some of the most iconic locations in the US. Whether you’re tearing through the sinuous backstreets of Chinatown or heading along Vegas’ world-famous Strip, you’ll need your eyes on the prize and not the scenery!

That’s it for this round, Racers! We hope you enjoyed learning more about The Crew 2’s Street Race Discipline, and we’ll see you next time for something a little further off the beaten track.

The Crew 2 will be available in 2018, for PlayStation®4 system (includes enhanced features on PS4 Pro), Xbox One (includes enhanced features on Xbox One X), and Windows PC. It will be available 3 days early, for Gold Edition owners on all afore-mentioned platforms.

For more information on The Crew 2, watch the official announcement trailer and look for more details here! Join the The Crew community on the forums and Reddit, and sign up for our Beta here to try our new Disciplines out for yourself!