22 August 2017

Gamescom reveals

Hello Petrolheads,

Two months ago, we started a new road trip beneath the hot California sun during E3 2017. Behind the wheel, our game director Stephane Beley had the great pleasure to unveil, in front of thousands of motorsport and videogame enthusiasts, the next The Crew journey.

Today, we take a detour to gamescom to offer you the latest news on The Crew® 2.

Be prepared to explore a huge, varied, and action-packed playground built within an open world America and designed for all motorsports.

Cruise through L.A. in your dream hypercar, then switch to a high-speed aerobatic plane to rise above the skyscrapers and enjoy stunning views over Hollywood. Then swap to a slick powerboat as you reach the coastline, landing smoothly on the Pacific Ocean – the opportunities for fun and challenges are limitless.

This is Motornation.

There are no menus or loading screens. You can seamlessly shift from your favorite cars to boats or even planes with just a push of a button using the Fast Fav feature, and experience the full potential and thrill of Motornation.


The Crew 2 will be available in 2018, for PlayStation®4 system (includes enhanced features on PS4 Pro), Xbox One (includes enhanced features on Xbox One X), and Windows PC. It will be available 3 days early, for Gold Edition owners on all afore-mentioned platforms.

Get The Crew 2 up to three days early with the Digital Gold Edition.

Pre-order now to get the Legendary Motors Pack before anyone else!


We are also thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with the legendary Harley-Davidson brand, who are working closely with our team to recreate the sensation of riding a symbol of American culture and freedom. Stay tuned to discover more about this unique partnership and the celebration of motorized culture across the country.

The Crew 2 is all about you and your choices. Climb the ranks to become the greatest pilot ever by challenging the four motorsport families.

Burn rubber in the backstreets of New York City with street racers, go off-road to explore every inch of the Grand Canyon, take up pro racing and tame huge waves on a powerboat, or go freestyle behind the stick of an aerobatic plane, spinning through fog and clouds above the snow-capped Rocky Mountains.

At this gamescom, we introduced three new disciplines that perfectly represent the spirit of their related families:

Motocross, off-road family

Challenge your biking skills on sharp turns and obstacles to leave your opponents in the dust.

  • TC2_MTX_1920x1080px-logo

Drift, street racing family

Prep your tires and head for the most winding road you can find, taking advantage of every turn to drift as long as you can, in a fog of smoke.

  • TC2_redBullDrift_1920x1080px 

Alpha Grand Prix, racing family

Behind the wheel of a single-seat vehicle, take part in the fastest and most technical road races in the world.

  • TC2_GPTrack_1920x1080px-logo 

The world of The Crew 2 allows you to share new sensations and crazy moments. As you climb the ranks to become a motorsports champion, you’ll be able to achieve more impressive tricks and break records.

Through the LIVE Track feature, you’ll be able to retrace your steps through every one of your exploits. And with LIVE Replay, these glorious moments will be automatically recorded to a fully staged video clip.

We can’t wait to discover your best creations, Petrolheads!


We know that the wait until March 16th, 2018, is long – but don’t forget, you can start preparing your garage for The Crew 2 while playing The Crew. We unveiled three new vehicles in the Rewards Program, including an exclusive new one. Check them out! TC_RP_Logo


Last but not least, today we have the pleasure to usher in the official The Crew 2 website. Check it out here

That’s all for today, Petrolheads. We’ll continue to share insights and details about The Crew 2 in upcoming months, so don’t hesitate to join the community on the forums and Reddit!

Sign up for beta access now for a chance to be among the first to play: thecrewgame.com/beta