R6 Vintage Fashion Fanart Contest Winners

Announcing the winners of our Grand Larceny R6 Vintage Fashion Fanart Contest!

A huge shoutout to everyone that participated. We received so many amazing submissions and saw so much creativity. The winners below are some of the top entries from artists that really took operator fashion and style to another mile.

Check out our winners below and give them some love!

[R6S] win gori frie

[R6S] win stratos ablaze

[R6S] win asya saliy

[R6S] win naketus

[R6S] win shinpei alpha

[R6S] win seafoamsol

[R6S] win hiko224556

[R6S] win inquissien

[R6S] win snailwaifu

[R6S] win f0xmask

Winners: Congratulations! You'll be receiving the complete Grand Larceny collection. You'll be contacted via DM through the platform you submitted your fanart on (Twitter/Instagram), for instructions on how it will be sent.

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