Y7S2 Vector Glare Patch Notes Addendum

Operation Vector Glare Season Patch Notes: https://rainbow6.com/VectorGlare.


Find the download sizes for each platform below.

  • Ubisoft Connect: 4.8GB
  • Steam: 4.9GB
  • Xbox One: 4.39GB
  • Xbox Series X: 4.63GB
  • PS4: 4.93GB
  • PS5: 4.58GB 



  • We are reintroducing the previous result texts and adding small visual tweaks to the match outcome screen.


  • Reenabling validations on the game server to prevent cheater from shooting through ballistic shields.



FIXED - The defuser doesn't automatically drop when the Operator carrying it is downed.

FIXED - Melee hits do not register on a shield that is clipping through a surface.

FIXED - The interaction between Sens' R.O.U. Projector System and Aruni's Surya Gates causes the game to crash.

FIXED - Vigil's ERC7 activation sound can be heard from anywhere on the Map by the Attackers' drones.

FIXED - Defuser disappears if the player who has it crashes during the droning phase.

FIXED - Various destruction and clipping issues.

FIXED - Blood splatters are not being displayed when shooting an enemy with M249, SR-25 and DP27.

FIXED - Wamai MAG-NET can catch attacker gadgets that have already stuck.

FIXED - Attackers can fall off the roof by interrupting the rappel animation.

FIXED - The planted bomb sound effect is missing for some players after the defuser is dropped in a site and then planted in the other site.

FIXED - Player can get stuck in their drone when preparation phase ends. 

FIXED - VFX for camera switch will show when another player switches to a camera you are on.

FIXED - Normal cameras can scan (red ping) enemies through Sens' Light Screen without seeing them.

FIXED - Operators can discover the game mode objective through Sens' Light Screen without seeing them.

FIXED - Sens' Light Screen is invisible to players reconnecting to the game if it was deployed before the reconnection.

FIXED - AI in PVE Lonewolf Ignores Sens' Light Screen.

FIXED - Defenders see the R.O.U. Projectors as friendly gadgets when using the Smart Ping on the Light Screen.


FIXED - Multiple LOD issues on Emerald Plains map.

FIXED - Various collision issues on Emerald Plains map. 

FIXED - Multiple LOD issues on Close Quarter map. 

FIXED - Multiple LOD issues on Shooting Range game mode. 

FIXED - Multiple LOD issues on various maps.



FIXED - Sens' R.O.U. Projector System moves Player sideways when it hits the operator after bouncing off an obstacle.

FIXED - Some parts of Sens' Light Screen will stay visible for 2 seconds upon the auto destruction of their gadget.

FIXED - Sens' R.O.U. Projector System is not affected by Mute's Signal Disruptor.

FIXED - Sens does not receive the "Peek a Boo" kill bonus for killing an enemy after passing through a Light Screen.

FIXED - The trajectory of the R.O.U. Projector System curves when deployed underneath a barricade that faces the Player.

FIXED - Various collision issues with the R.O.U. Projector System.


FIXED - Caveira's Luison damage in-game is 55 instead of 65.

FIXED - Glaz's sight and the bullet origin are offset if the Holo A sight is equipped.

FIXED - The feedback marker for Thunderbird's Kona station isn't visible from a certain distance.

FIXED - Red Dot B is not aligned when aiming down sight with the SPAS-15.

FIXED - Incorrect animation for Osa's Talon-8 Shield when picking up from a window.

FIXED - The explosion reverb of Kapkan's EDD is always the same despite the size of the room.

FIXED - Nomad's Airjab Launcher laser is not disabled when Nomad is affected by EMP.

FIXED - IQ's EFD displays the electrical waves on hacked defenders' cameras while in Signal Lost state.

FIXED - Iana's warning message is displayed while the gadget is recharging or affected by EMP.

FIXED - Valkyrie's camera in "losing signal state" is not displayed if the operator is in affected by EMP.

FIXED - Blitz's warning message is displayed while the shield is in cooldown and when in disabled state.

FIXED - Sens POF-9 ADS time is faster than other Assault Rifle.

FIXED - Sens' last two projectors of the R.O.U. Projector System are not in synchronized with the rest when despawning.

FIXED - Various VFX issues with the R.O.U. Projector System.

FIXED - Various Azami Kiba Barrier issues.

FIXED - Various weapon VFX issues.

FIXED - Various operator VFX issues.


FIXED - During match replay, rewinding while watching a player's POV will move the character through all locations it has been in quick succession.

FIXED - In a Bomb custom game, the plant time is 4 seconds no matter the custom game's setting.

FIXED - Voice and text chat issues in Close Quarter discovery playlist. 

FIXED - Scoreboard text chat mute button is not disabled in Team Deathmatch.

FIXED - End of Match message displays Victory for the defeated team.

FIXED - Subtitles are not present during the intro cinematic for new accounts.

FIXED - Windows cursor remains stuck on screen, blocking camera movement.

FIXED - Left and Right Dead Zone option doesn't apply immediately if changed in game. 

FIXED - Mute button is greyed out for some players in game. 

FIXED - Several weapons are missing their 2D thumbnails.

FIXED - Purchased elite skins do not show up as owned after purchase.

FIXED - Launching the game on PC using PS4 or PS5 gamepad and swapping to an Xbox controller will lead to input loss from new connected device.

FIXED - Various UI issues.

FIXED - Various customization issues.

FIXED - Various custom match issues.

FIXED - Various match replay issues.

FIXED - Various Caster Mode issues.

FIXED - Various Audio and SFX issues.

FIXED - Various Spectator issues. 

FIXED - Various Localization issues.

FIXED - Various shop issues.

FIXED - Various FOV issues on console.

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