Azami Appears


I received your report concerning Specialist Kana “Azami” Fujiwara. You’re aware of our history and I’ve briefed you on her skills. It’s still important that I get your impressions. I agree, her discipline is to be admired – She’s focused, and sometimes unpredictable. From your comments it seems you weren’t immune to her charm. I did warn you she could be disarming.

I’m happy she’s retained her calm in training. It’s quite the experience being her sparring partner, isn’t it? I’ve never been so politely dumped on my back, or so often. She focuses mainly on the 9x19SVN during target practice, but have you had a chance to handle the ACS12? At least she can patch any holes she makes in the walls. I’m impressed with her precision with the 9x, but she does pack a punch with the D-50.

Honor is important to Kana, trust and truth go hand in hand with that. I don’t doubt her professionalism or her ability to work with anyone. Tokyo does seem a lifetime away and study sessions at the TMPD even farther, but I haven’t noticed a significant change from the Kana I once knew. Don’t be discouraged, she’s always been guarded, but that’s the nature of her work.

I know it’s not easy for you to let someone into your workshop, let alone redesign one of your toys. Azami’s suggestion of the Kiba casing did resolve that dispersion issue you were having; I won’t ask what you put in the compounds. The Kiba Barrier was useful against Buck and Sledge in training exercises, so I expect it will serve us well to foil anyone who tries a similar vertical assault. The Barrier is unable to withstand explosive and incendiary devices. However, its expansion can be used to destroy them before activation - I’ve tested them against my pellets myself. It’s not invulnerable but it is valuable, especially as a bulletproof barrier.

As to the last I’ll leave that up to you. You’ve seen for yourself how Kana utilizes ornamentation as a weapon. If anyone knows what weak points to exploit and protect, it’s her. If you do allow her to contribute to the design of our gear, I don’t doubt we’ll be the best dressed unit.

I hope this collaboration continues and is applied within the rest of the team. Keep up the good work, and just in case – continue to keep an eye on Kana."

- Yumiko “Hibana” Imagawa

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