Rainbow Six Mobile: Closed Beta 2.0

Hello Operators,

We’re alive! Since finishing our Closed Beta last fall, we’ve been working hard on R6M. We know it's been tough waiting for updates, and we all appreciate your patience waiting for us to drop the next round of news!

Closed Beta Learnings

Last fall, thousands of Operators in eight territories around the world joined us in our Closed Beta. Watching you play our game that we’ve spent years developing was pretty magical. We received an abundance of valuable feedback from those who played. That feedback, combined with data we collected, has helped us make several improvements to the game since then.

We set the bar pretty high for our Closed Beta because we wanted to deliver the strongest experience possible. While we achieved many of our Closed Beta goals, we didn't quite get to check everything from our list! What do we think we can improve upon? Game stability, optimization, and online deployment. This is why we run testing phases, to see where we're nailing it, and focus on improving in other areas.

We have been working hard since the end of the Beta to improve upon all of the above, and we need your help again to play and test R6M! We've decided to run another Closed Beta before moving to an Open Beta to get your feedback and test all of the improvements we've made.

Closed Beta 2.0

The next Closed Beta test will begin June 6th, 2023, and will be open for six weeks. Players who have pre-registered in the following countries will have a chance at receiving an invite via Google Play:

  • Canada
  • U.S
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Singapore
  • Philippines
  • India
  • France
  • U.K
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Australia

Players who participated in the last Closed Beta will already have their spot secured. Your feedback, like during the previous tests, is paramount to helping us develop R6M and make it a success.

What can you expect in this Closed Beta? The Operators and the maps that were accessible during our previous Beta will remain, along with a few additions:

  • Operator's progression via Mastery Tracks
  • Early customization system: loadouts and skins
  • New Beta Battlepass with no experience cap
  • Introduction of Team Deathmatch game mode

Introducing Team Deathmatch

Rainbow Six Mobile can be intimidating for new players, which is why we believe Team Deathmatch is an important game mode. TDM will help newcomers learn the basics, try out weapon loadouts, and get some action without the intimidation of a regular match.

While TDM will be available in the upcoming Beta, we're still making lots of changes and improvements for future phases on this game mode. The entire team has had a lot of fun playing TDM and our hope is you will too! For more seasoned players, no worry, competitiveness remains one of our game pillars with tactical attacker vs defender gameplay. We learned a lot from your experience with Veteran mode during our last Beta, and we've now incorporated that into the game.

One last tidbit of great news - ranked mode is in the works! Our plan is to deploy this mode during a future test phase.

iOS is Here!

Probably one of the most anticipated moments of R6M will finally arrive - the addition of iOS. During our next Closed Beta, a limited number of iOS players in Canada, USA, and Japan will be invited via the Apple Testflight. If you haven't already registered, you can do so here, and if you have previously, you don't need to do it again.

R6M Milestone Roadmap

Giving you visibility is one of our core community values. If you follow our social channels (Twitter, Instagram) last month we committed to sharing our milestone roadmap for the major phases/releases with you:

[R6M] Closed Beta 2.0 - Roadmap

One thing you'll notice Operators, is we're not sharing any dates. Except for our upcoming Closed Beta, we're purposely not committing to any dates for the future phases just yet. As we said before, our goal is to get this right. If something isn't to our standards or we need additional time for fixes, we're making sure we build that into our timeline instead of committing to dates now, and over-promising/under-delivering.

As we progress through our different phases, we'll announce dates for the next one. Once we complete the next Beta, it will take time to evaluate all feedback, make necessary changes, while of course working on new features, Operators, maps, seasons, etc.

We're excited to continue this crazy, busy, and exciting journey with all of you! Working with you, our community, is key to delivering the best gaming experience, and we're fully committed to staying transparent with our development along the way.

Thank you Operators! We will see you soon (June 6th, 2023) for our next Closed Beta.

The Dev Team