Hero Skins

Starting in Year 6, For Honor introduces 1 new Hero Skin every season. Each Hero Skin represents a character in Heathmoor with a unique story tied to the season in which it was introduced. Here you can explore each character and their legendary tale.

Year 8

The Unsung Knight Hero Skin

The name of the hero known as the Unsung Knight is a mystery to all. When she was a child, it was said she was a common thief, stealing and scavenging what she could to survive. But when she tried to steal from a noble Knight, the warrior saw something in her -- a spark. Instead of casting her aside, he took her under his wing, and trained her as a Warden. For years, she was taught the skills and the values of the now fallen order of Knights. Thus was she imbued with a fundamental set of beliefs: that she was intended to help.

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Ezio Auditore Peacekeeper Hero Skin

Ezio Auditore, a wealthy Florentine nobleman in the 15th and 16th century, was initially a carefree seducer with acrobatic skills. After the deaths of his father and brothers, he became an Assassin to avenge his family and protect his mother and sister. Initially driven by revenge, he later embraced the Assassin's role, focusing on fraternity and cultural preservation.

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Master Katashi Orochi Hero Skin

Little is known about the Orochi named Master Katashi. To many in the Myre, he is but a yarn spun from folklore. But non-believers inevitably cross paths with him on a beaten trail or as he passes through their village. A wanderer without a home, Master Katashi is said to spend his nights and days playing his flute in the wilderness. The rare few who have heard his song swear that a sadness counterpoints it, a deep melancholy that only fuels the mystery behind him.

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Year 7

Inquisitor Yinchen Pirate Skin

The Pirate Yinchen was among the first to set foot in Heathmoor when Boy Yin’s fleet docked on its frozen shores. She was quickly intrigued by the people of this foreign land, and their idea of fidelity. This was, after all, a land divided by fealties and alliances, where identity, class and belief mattered above all. While the people were constantly at war, she noticed a strange balance to this world. An understanding that allowed the Pirates to thrive.

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Conquistador Vela Warmonger Hero Skin

Conquistador Vela left Heathmoor for a voyage across the sea. Tasked with a crucial mission by Astrea herself, she sailed to the New World, where she found an empire of gold. Through deception, ruthlessness and barbarity, Vela decimated this civilization, and took its unbelievable treasures for herself. Now, she returns to Heathmoor as a Horkos hero, living proof that the strength of their Order knows no bounds.

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Monkey King Wukong Hero Skin

Every Wu Lin warrior is familiar with the tale of the mythical hero, Monkey King Wukong. Eons ago, Sun Wukong served in the realm of heaven as guardian of the heavenly peaches, magical fruit said to grant immortality. In a bout of rebellion against his masters, Wukong ate the peaches to become immortal – but he didn’t stop there. The Monkey King believed the power of heaven shouldn’t be kept only for those who lived high above all others. And so, Wukong broke out of heaven with the peaches of immortality.

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Oathbreaker Maddox Hero Skin

Once the great cold of the Frozen Shores settled over, the Highlander Maddox ventured beyond the known regions in search of his home. Ancient alliances and pacts had brought his people to Heathmoor, but amid the truce talks, he thought it a good time to try and return to his homestead. Alas, he never found his home – perhaps it had been swallowed by the floods and frozen over, perhaps it had been razed by unknown foes. Whatever the reason was, Maddox felt, now more than ever, all alone. It was on his journey back to Heathmoor, as the cold grew worse, that Maddox came across a fabled sabertoothed tiger.

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Year 6

Lord Ramiel Warden Skin

The pious Knight made a sacrifice to bring peace and protect his people. Through a sacred ritual, he bound his fate to a Wyvern and drank its blood in the Chalice of Immortality. As long as the Knight lived, so would the powerful creature.

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Bolthorn the Cursed Raider Skin

Although he carried the signature axe of a Raider, Jarl Bolthorn gained a reputation among his people by killing his enemies with his bare hands. Such was the reason they took to calling him “Raven-Hands.”

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Yokai Slayer Meiko Kensei Skin

After the battle, flowers grow. Meiko was that flower, watered by blood, shaped by atrocities, but not defined by them. A humble Kensei dedicated to the protection of her people, Meiko was a beloved warrior, one of the few who took the time to enjoy the rare beauties of a harsh world.

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Commander Ravier Black Prior Skin

After rumors of a powerful artifact hidden in Arabia reached Vortiger, he sent his right-hand woman, Commander Ravier, to the distant kingdom. Posing as an emissary, Ravier met with the Sultana and effortlessly read the monarch’s dreams and aspirations. Through deception, Ravier gained her favor, and obtained access to the Celestial Sphere, a relic capable of foretelling the future.

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Battle Pass

Following the Cataclysm, lands are void of life, and hope has vanished. Warriors of each Faction are desperate to survive, and to fight for any resources they can find. To do that, they require weapons. Dark and razor-sharp, these weapons suit their era. For warriors will cut down anything in their path if it means their people have the chance to live on.

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New Hero: Varangian Guard

Varangian Guards are mercenary Vikings who have long thrived far beyond the borders of Heathmoor. The warriors stand by one another no matter what, their devotion having earned them a reputation for absolute loyalty. Once a Varangian Guard swears an oath, they never falter. They will always remain true to their client – and to their own.