Whether an online competition or a LAN event, a Major is a special moment to bring together the community. As announced, the November Six Major will be held online in a regional format, and while the pandemic changed how we experience the competition, the very essence of esports remains intact: a common shared passion for the game, a region or a specific team.

We are aware that fans are eager to attend live events to show their support and cheer for their favorite teams. For this reason, we have worked on a way to bring our community together to make this November Six Major special. In order to create an inclusive experience for this event, we will create a fan mosaic, composed of pictures of fans from every region brought together to form a larger image celebrating the Major. To make this a reality, we need you to share by email a picture of yourself with your favorite Rainbow Six Esports team’s jersey or cosplay at r6fanmosaic@ubisoft.com!

By sending your picture (“Picture”) to r6fanmosaic@ubisoft.com, you authorize UBISOFT EMEA S.A.S, 28 rue Armand Carrel 93100 Montreuil, its parent company UBISOFT ENTERTAINMENT SA and its affiliates (together “Ubisoft”), to use such Picture captured or fixed by any means throughout the November Six Major 2020 (“Event”) by Ubisoft, or by any of its contractors:

  • For a fan mosaic public worldwide activation
  • Free of charge
  • On Ubisoft’s social media, websites and on any official broadcasts in the context of the Event.

Participants must be at least 16 (sixteen) years old. For any participant between 16 (sixteen) and 17 (seventeen) years old, you declare that you have received the permission from your parents before sending the picture.

Please note that your face will be seen and that only pictures following Ubisoft’s values (respect, non-toxicity, sportsmanship, inclusiveness etc.) will be used.

*By sending your Picture, you acknowledge that Ubisoft collects and processes your personal data (including but not limited to: your image/Picture, your age, your name, and any further information provided to Ubisoft in the context of the Event) in order to allow you to be part of the Event fan mosaic. Your personal data will used for the duration of the Event and will be stored for the duration of the legal prescription (5 years). Their use is necessary for the execution of the contract you enter with UBISOFT by authorizing Ubisoft to use such Picture captured or fixed by any means throughout the Event. If you do not wish your personal data to be collected and processed, you will not be able to be part of the Event fan mosaic. Your personal data may be transferred to non-European countries that ensure an adequate level of protection according to the EU Commission or within the framework of the standard data protection clauses adopted by the EU Commission. *

You can exercise your rights to access, rectify or erase your personal data, or restrict the processing of your personal data, and receive your information in portable form by contacting Ubisoft’s Data Protection Officer at the following address: (https://support.ubi.com/faqs/35367).

After contacting UBISOFT, you are not satisfied with the way your request was handled, you may also lodge a complaint with the national supervisory authority of your country.

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