November 16, 2020

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint – Next-Generation consoles

Greetings Ghosts,

We are happy to announce that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be playable on the next generation of consoles. With our next-gen backwards compatibility, players will also be able to enjoy an enhanced Ghost Recon Breakpoint experience!

With the release of our latest Title Update, TU303, the game will be ready for the next generation of console gaming.

Next-Gen consoles and performance

At the launch of next-gen consoles, players will instantly be able to enjoy the graphical enhancements that Ghost Recon Breakpoint has to offer, with multiple options for prioritizing either performance or resolution:

Xbox Series X
PlayStation 5
Performance Mode
1080P at 60 FPS
1080P at 60 FPS
Resolution Mode
4K at 30 FPS
4K at 30 FPS (upscaled 4K)

Xbox Series S will run the game in 1440P at 30FPS at all times.

Easily Transition to Next-Gen and Keep your Progression

If you currently own a copy of Ghost Recon Breakpoint on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, your profile including all purchases and inventory items will automatically be accessible on the corresponding next-gen console (PS4 with PS5 / Xbox One with Xbox Series X|S).

See you in Auroa, Ghosts!