For Honor Y8S2: The Muramasa Blade

Long ago, the Samurai sought to maintain their way of life in a land that wasn’t their own. Everything they since built in the swamps has long been under threat from war and oppression. No target is more vulnerable than Seion Bridge, a crucial access point to the Myre. Now, enemies of the Samurai are gathering.

But at the mouth of the bridge, these invading forces face a single warrior: Master Katashi. Expert swordsman. Genius tactician. Strict follower of Bushido. Above all, he is the wielder of the fabled Muramasa Blade—a weapon said to grant the power of an entire army.

Master Katashi has made it his mission to protect the Myre at all costs, and stop anyone from crossing the bridge…


Bridge of 1000 Blades

Seion Bridge is a crucial access point to the Myre, which all Factions attempt to invade. The bridge is marked by their graves: a thousand fallen blades. Invaders must face Master Katashi, the Orochi who wields the fabled Muramasa Blade. A warrior of pure serenity, control and mastery, Master Katashi has made it his mission to hold the bridge for the Myre.

To announce the start of For Honor's Y8S2: The Muramasa Blade, engage in the free event pass and uncover exclusive event loot. Available exclusively from June 13th untill the 4th of July.

The Orochi Hero Skin: Master Katashi

Master Katashi is a wanderer without a home. He travels across the Myre, playing his flute and somehow always finding trouble. A strict follower of Bushido, he is a master who only uses his strength to fight for his people – especially those at the mercy of tyranny. But when he comes in possession of the fabled Muramasa Blade, Master Katashi decides it’s time for him to stop wandering. If the people of the Myre are to thrive, he must plant his feet at the mouth of Seion Bridge, and stop any force from invading.

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New Seasonal Customization

Master Katashi has made it his mission to stop anyone from invading the Myre. As he wields the Muramasa Blade against the might of a thousand foes, he is at peace – for he knows what he is defending: vast pastures of unspoiled green, calm waters, warm beaches, singing swamps and serene temples. It is a harsh land that was carved into a home. A place where the Samurai will endure.

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Word has spread of Seion Bridge, a crucial access point to the Myre. Now, enemies of the Samurai swarm the bridge in an attempt to invade. But all must face the indomitable Master Katashi. To defeat him, warriors from all Factions have armed themselves with new weapons, hoping their newly forged prizes will be able to match the fabled Muramasa Blade.

Storm the bridge and unlock 100 tiers of rewards for all heroes! Available exclusively during For Honor's Y8S2: The Muramasa Blade.

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Legacy Pass

The Order of Horkos is a secret society in Heathmoor. With spies and covert allies across all factions, it has gained more and more influence over the past years. Its members believe they have been chosen by a deity, named Horkos, to weed out all impostors and hypocrites. Drawing some of their powers from alchemy, they are determined to become the leaders of a new world.

Join the Order of Horkos with the Y4S2 Legacy Pass and get 101 tiers of rewards from the Y4S2 Battle Pass—including retrofitted items for all heroes to date! Available exclusivly during Y8S2.

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Battle Pass

Following the Cataclysm, lands are void of life, and hope has vanished. Warriors of each Faction are desperate to survive, and to fight for any resources they can find. To do that, they require weapons. Dark and razor-sharp, these weapons suit their era. For warriors will cut down anything in their path if it means their people have the chance to live on.

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New Hero: Varangian Guard

Varangian Guards are mercenary Vikings who have long thrived far beyond the borders of Heathmoor. The warriors stand by one another no matter what, their devotion having earned them a reputation for absolute loyalty. Once a Varangian Guard swears an oath, they never falter. They will always remain true to their client – and to their own.