8 December 2023

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Celebrate Winter Holidays with the Division 2!

As the holiday season approaches, we are excited to bring a festive spirit to The Division 2. From December 5th until January 9th, we're decking the halls of Washington, D.C., with an array of special activities designed for all our players, whether you're a seasoned agent or just starting your journey.


Our headline event is the Winter Projects, a chain of 15 projects that will keep you engaged and entertained throughout the holiday season. These projects, set in Washington, D.C., are accessible to all players, with or without WONY expansion.

But what's a holiday without gifts?

As you complete the Winter Project, you'll earn special rewards, including 14 cosmetic items and one Named Backpack to add a festive flair to your character.

The Festive Delivery Named backpack is exclusively available for those who complete the Winter Project chain. After completing the projects, it becomes obtainable through encounters with The Hoarder.

Festive Delivery
Named Backpack
Talent Fireworks Show
Concussion grenades become Festive Grenades.
Hitting an enemy with a Festive Grenade will cause explosions to happen around two other enemies within 20m.

Each day, new projects are unlocked on the chain. Upon your next login, the upcoming project will be available for you to start. As soon as you finish it, the next one will become available. You have the flexibility to complete these projects at your own pace, but remember, all of them must be completed by January 9th!

[TD2] - Celebrate Winter Holidays with the Division 2! - Festive Delivery Named Backpack


[TD2] - Celebrate Winter Holidays with the Division 2! - 2. Santa mask and gun

Speaking of The Hoarder, this special NPC returns with a large bag of goods that include Oh Carol and The Sleigher Named Weapons, as well as the Chill Out Named Mask.

Hunter mask Julmust will also be added as a drop to The Summit floor 100.

We wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year! See you all in 2024!


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